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04-21-17, 08:55 AM

01 “When We Were Young”
02 “Déjà Vu”
03 “The Last Refugee”
04 “Picture That”
05 “Broken Bones”
06 “Is This The Life We Really Want?”
07 “Bird In A Gale”
08 “The Most Beautiful Girl”
09 “Smell The Roses”
10 “Wait For Her”
11 “Oceans Apart”
12 “Part Of Me Died”

Is This The Life We Really Want? is out 6/2 on Columbia.

<iframe width="598" height="336" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/PEh7Ip4yvH8" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Roger Waters will put out Is This the Life We Really Want? – the Pink Floyd co-founder's first album since 1992's Amused to Death – on June 2nd. Nigel Godrich (Radiohead, Paul McCartney) produced and mixed the album, which includes 12 new songs that, according to a press release, contain "unflinching commentary on the modern world and uncertain times."

The album will come out as a 180-gram vinyl LP, on CD and digitally and is available for pre-order beginning Friday.

In addition to Waters, who sings, plays bass and acoustic guitar on the album, the musicians include Godrich (arrangement, sound collages, keyboards, guitar), Gus Seyffert (bass, guitar, keyboards), Jonathan Wilson (guitar, keyboards), Joey Waronker (drums), Roger Mannning (keyboards), Lee Pardini (keyboards) and Lucius (vocals) with Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig.

Although Waters has been tight-lipped about the album's contents, he told Rolling Stone in February that he has drawn inspiration from the antipathy he feels toward the Trump administration, as well as a dramatic radio play he had been writing before working on the LP about a man and his granddaughter investigating why children were being killed in faraway lands. "Two or three of the songs from that idea are on this album," he said. "Nigel Godrich persuaded me that for the purposes of a rock & roll record, which is what this is, he felt my theatrical idea – I'd written the whole thing as a radio play – was less than ideal."

They reworked some of Waters' ideas, though the singer-songwriter also looked outward for inspiration. The Is This the Life tune "Wait for Her" was inspired by an English translation of "Lesson From the Kama Sutra (Wait for Her)" by the late Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish.

The album will come out shortly into Waters' upcoming Us + Them North American tour, which kicks off May 26th in Kansas City, Missouri. Gigs at arenas around the U.S. and Canada run through October 28th, when the tour wraps in Vancouver.

Waters told Rolling Stone the tour's concept will be built around his album title. "I will be making the point that we're living the life that we don't really want to live," he said. But it also ties into the tour moniker, which comes from the Dark Side of the Moon track of the same name. "I like to think that people would still like to live in a world where we might address the problems of climate change, where we might understand that if we empathize with others, it makes us feel happier," he said. "Maybe we should start looking at happiness indexes rather than if we win and lose. And if we do that, then we may start to understand that the idea of 'us' and 'them' is actually an illusion."


04-21-17, 10:00 AM
the music sounds like quintessential Floyd... but his voice, which was never great, is shot to shit.

04-26-17, 10:46 PM
So much Floyd in that song. Sounds like it's taken straight off Animals. Little bit of "Welcome to the Machine" as well.

04-27-17, 10:18 AM
Wow, yeah sounds like it's a 40-year old unreleased track from Animals...but that voice.

Not surprised this is a 'message' album as Waters has been pretty vocal on certain things the past few years.

Nick Danger
04-28-17, 07:39 AM
When I was a teenager, I bought the complete Pink Floyd catalogue on vinyl. A few years later I bought it again on CD.

I don't know if Roger Waters is trying to cash in on the old sound, or if he's become creatively barren. But I'm not impressed.

04-29-17, 03:29 AM
Great cover to the album at least.

04-30-17, 10:48 PM
Really love the music, but as others have said, the voice is eh. Still, stocked to see him in concert June 27th.

Hazel Motes
05-01-17, 03:51 AM
Roger Waters is 73 years old. With that in mind I think his voice sounds good. I was expecting worse to be honest, considering what everyone had been saying.Anyways I thought he sounded fine. Dig the song too.

05-01-17, 07:44 AM
Didn't sound like anything I might have expected to hear from Roger Waters, didn't particularly care for what I heard.

05-01-17, 05:02 PM
Roger Waters is 73 years old. With that in mind I think his voice sounds good. I was expecting worse to be honest, considering what everyone had been saying.Anyways I thought he sounded fine. Dig the song too.

Yeah this is already a winner with that song.

05-01-17, 05:05 PM
I like the song and can't wait for the album. David Gilmour's last two sounded like Division Bell outtakes so I don't mind if old Rog sounds like 70's Floyd a bit.

05-08-17, 10:48 PM

05-08-17, 11:09 PM
That sounds like something off of The Final Cut.

05-09-17, 07:40 AM
at this point, with Roger, he needs to do duets/collaborations with someone who can offer some melody.

the music is top notch, quintessential Waters' era Floyd, and that... that voice could work in spurts, and playing off of someone else (uhh, like Gilmour's silky smooth delivery)... but I could never listen to an entire album of that voice. Hopefully someone will isolate out and scrub the vocal track.

05-09-17, 09:18 PM
Anybody that has been to one his multiple recent solo tours, or watched them on video, knows Roger's voice isn't what it used to be. But IMO it's fared far better than many other singers from his era. Maybe it's because it was never that great to begin with, but I find it still very listenable in that single posted at the top of this thread. And just like he always has had since PF in the 70's, I'm sure other singers will be used to handle background vocals (or even lead) when it makes sense. They even bring them on tour. Personally it's part of what I consider the PF sound.

05-10-17, 11:31 AM
That song sounds a lot like "Wish You Were Here", but with much thinner, weaker vocals.

05-19-17, 12:34 PM

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