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Sonny Corinthos
01-26-17, 10:27 PM
Allman Brothers Band drummer Butch Trucks fatally shot himself in front of his wife in Florida, according to law enforcement records.
A police dispatcher noted that Trucks’ suicide Tuesday night in West Palm Beach was witnessed by his wife, Melinda, the Daily Mail reported, citing police reports.

The wife called 911 to frantically report that her “husband just shot himself” with a pistol. That call for help came at 6:02 p.m. Tuesday from the couple’s waterfront Villa Del Lago condo complex. The 911 call identified the victim as “Claude,” Trucks’ given name.

The legendary drummer, 69, had been dogged by financial woes for years, The Mail reported, citing local court records. In 2011, Trucks sold his Palm Beach home for $2 million — even though it might have been worth twice that — perhaps to settle an $800,000 mortgage.

The condo where he died Tuesday was purchased for $500,000 in 2014. The IRS last year filed a pair of liens against that condo, looking for Trucks to pay $540,000 in back taxes from 2013 and 2014. Trucks was an original 1969 member of the Jacksonville-rooted Allman Brothers, along with Duane Allman, Gregg Allman, Berry Oakley, Dickey Betts and Jai Johanny “Jaimoe” Johanson.

He’s survived by his wife, four children and four grandchildren. Rolling Stone magazine named the 100 best drummers in rock history last year and pegged Trucks — and bandmate Johanson — at No. 71.


E Unit
01-26-17, 10:35 PM
How incredibly sad. RIP.

01-27-17, 08:46 AM
You look at LS, Allman Bros and even Marshall Tucker....those bands have lost a lot of talented musicians over time that brought us so much great music. Live at the Fillmore is a classic that really propelled AB's up and helped put Southern Rock on the map along with L.S and Marshall Tucker. I caught them shortly after they lost Duane Allman and Dickie Betts became lead....boy they were tight and good. Sad to hear this...losing a bit of that classic Southern Rock each year now..

01-27-17, 02:12 PM
What a heartbreaking story. If you look into the past few years, he's really been struggling with financial issues and deals gone wrong. He had several kids and grand kids that he left behind

Trucks was a legitimately famous musician and in addition to his work with the Allmans he had numerous side projects and solo shows. He'd been touring for almost 50 years. I'm always amazed that legacy artists like Trucks can run out of money as these types of tours are usually money machines.

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