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Jim Lowe, singer of "The Green Door", has died (12/12/16) at 93 [Archive] - DVD Talk Forum


View Full Version : Jim Lowe, singer of "The Green Door", has died (12/12/16) at 93

12-15-16, 10:31 AM
Couldn’t find much biography information on Lowe. No mention of a marriage or children. He was also a songwriter and disc jockey and served as one (of many) anchors/hosts of NBC Radio’s weekend program Monitor.



"Green Door" was #1 on the Billboard charts for a week in November 1956, replacing Elvis Presley's "Love Me Tender". There's a lot of speculation about the meaning of the song’s lyrics. Are they all bourbon legends?



12-19-16, 12:46 AM
RIP. I didn't know that trivia about this song bumping Elvis from the top of the charts. But then my entire knowledge of the original version of the song stems from liking the excellent cover by the Cramps, which lead me to eventually check out the song's earlier history.

"Green Door" (Jim Lowe version)


"Green Door" (The Cramps version)


12-23-16, 11:14 AM
All I can think of when this song is mentioned...


Nick Danger
12-23-16, 01:38 PM
I haven't noticed that song before. I have the Cramps CD, but it didn't make an impression on me. The Jim Lowe version, which I've never heard before today, is a lot better.

So naturally, I didn't get the joke in the movie title.

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