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08-05-16, 12:38 PM
Don't know if anyone here follows her music, but I love her stuff.

She's got a new album coming out and while she's been more adventurous on her last album, she's returning to her roots with more piano work again.

Her first song/video, "Carry On":


08-11-16, 03:56 PM
Thanks, Coral! This is the first I've heard this news. I was just saying to a friend that I'm waiting for new music from her because, if memory serves, until the album with Billie Joe Armstrong, a Norah Jones album would come very two years (including that compilation of collaborations).

I see you're down the highway from me, too... I wish I had seen her play Massey Hall.....

The Bus
08-16-16, 04:04 PM
The last album I listened to and liked was the one with Danger Mouse (<i>Little Broken Hearts</i>). Any others worthwhile?

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