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01-03-16, 06:48 PM

Tindersticks- The Waiting Room 0.00 iTunes
Megadeth- Dystopia 9.30 iTunes
Karmakanic- Who's The Boss in the Factory? 4.99 iTunes
The Tangent- A Spark in The Aether 4.99 iTunes
The Tangent- Comm 3.99 iTunes
Roine Stolt- Hydrophonia 8.99 iTunes
Dream Theater- The Astonishing 6.33 amazon
Amy Schumer- Cutting 9.99 iTunes
Lewis Black- Old Yeller 9.99 iTunes
Santana & McLaughlin- Invitation to Illumination 9.99 iTunes
Beardfish- Sleeping in Traffic Part 2 6.99 iTunes
Levin, Minnemann, Rudess- S/T 9.99 iTunes
Joss Stone- Mind, Body & Soul 1.25 gohastings
Joss Stone- Soul Sessions 1.25 gohastings
Joss Stone- Introducing Joss Stone 1.78 gohastings
Joe Bonamassa- Black Rock 5.95 gohastings
Joe Bonamassa- So It's Like That 5.60 gohastings
Bud Powell- The Scene Changes 2.60 gohastings
Von Freeman- Live at the Dakota 4.32 gohastings
Dave Douglas- Magic Triangle 1.57 gohastings

Total January: $110.06


Total February: $0.00


Def Leppard- Mirror Ball: Live and More 8.50 amazon
Ozric Tentacles- Waterfall Cities 9.99 iTunes
Return To Forever- Where Have I Known You Before 5.99 iTunes
Frank Zappa- Shut Up and Play Yer Guitar 14.99 iTunes
Whitney Cummings- I Love You 0.00 iTunes
Beardfish- Sleeping In Traffic Part 1 0.00 iTunes
Devin Townsend Project- Ki 0.00 iTunes
Jelly Jam- Shall We Descend 9.86 iTunes
Yngwie Malmsteen- Trilogy 5.99 iTunes
Allan Holdsworth- The Sixteen Men of Tain 7.92 iTunes
Anthony Jeselnik- Caligula 0.00 iTunes
Patton Oswalt- Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time 9.99 iTunes
Tindersticks- Ypres 7.99 iTunes
Haken- The Mountain 9.99 iTunes
Megadeth- Countdown to Extinction Live 6.99 itunes
Van Halen- Tokyo Dome Live 12.99 iTunes
Dream Theater- Breaking the Fourth Wall 14.99 iTunes
OSI- Fire Make Thunder 6.99 iTunes
The Tangent- Down and Out In Paris and London 3.99 iTunes
The Webb Sisters- Savages 9.99 iTunes
Haken- Restoration 2.99 itunes

Total March: $149.54


Karmakanic- In A Perfect World 0.00/gc iTunes
Sigur Ros- Agaetis Byrjun 0.00/gc iTunes
Devin Townsend- Casualties of Cool 0.00/gc iTunes
The Tangent- Le Sacre Du Travail 0.00/gc iTunes
Tindersticks- Les Salauds 0.00/gc iTunes
OSI- Blood 0.00/gc iTunes
Whitney Cummings- Emotional Ninja 0.00/gc iTunes
Ozric Tentacles- Yumyum Tree 0.00/gc iTunes
Letter to Cleo- When Did We Do That? 0.00/gc itunes
Allan Holdsworth- Wardenclyffe Tower 0.00/gc iTunes

Total April: $0.00


Frank Zappa- Waka/ Jawaka 10.35 amazon
Frank Zappa- The Grand Wazoo 10.99 amazon
Santana- IV 9.79 amazon
Paul Butterfield- The Complete Albums '65-'80 (14d) 39.40 amazon

Total May: $70.53


Winery Dogs- Hot Streak 5.00 amazon
Jelly Jam- Profit 9.49 amazon
Grand Funk Railroad- Closer to Home 5.99 amazon
Crosby Stills & Nash- Allies 9.49 amazon

Total June: $29.97


Muse- Drones 4.99 amazon
Steven Wilson- The Raven That Refused to Sing 5.00 amazon
Roy Buchanan- 20th Century Masters 5.00 amazon

Total July: $14.99


Mike Oldfield- Tubular Bells 5.00 amazon

Total August: $5.00


Spain- Carolina 9.02 amazon

Total September:$ 9.02


Santana- Inner Secrets/Marathon/Zebop!/Shango/Freedom 17.41 amazon
Santana- Illuminations/Oneness/The Swing of Delight 12.43 amazon
Drive-By Truckers- American Band 9.99 amazon
Rachael Yamagata- Tightrope Walker 10.39 amazon
Devin Townsend- Transcendence 12.00 amazon
Slash- Made in Stoke 5.00 amazon

Total October: $67.22


Metallica- Hardwired to Self destruct (Ltd. Ed.) 9.99 amazon
Neal Morse Band- The Similitude of a Dream 18.09 amazon
Leonard Cohen- You Want it Darker 11.88 amazon

Total November: $ 39.96


Pixies- Indie Cindy 5.00 amazon
Steven Wilson- Hand Cannot Erase 5.00 amazon
Sigur Ros- Untitled 5.00 amazon
Motley Crue- Live: Entertainment or Death 9.99 amazon
Ron White- A Little Unprofessional 5.99 amazon
Whitesnake- Live In the Shadow of the Blues 0.00 iTunes
Doug Stanhope- No Place Like Home 0.00 iTunes
Haken- Affinity (Deluxe Edition) 0.00 iTunes
King Crimson- Live in Toronto 2015 0.00 iTunes
Frank Zappa- Zappa in New York 0.00 iTunes
Scorpions- Crazy World 0.00 iTunes
Sam Kinison- Breaking the Rules 0.00 iTunes
David Cross- ...America...Yeah 7.92 iTunes
Levin, Minnemann & Rudess- From the Law offices of... 9.99 iTunes
Leonard Cohen- Live at the Isle of Wight 1970 11.99 iTunes
Joe Bonamassa- Live From Nowhere in Particular 11.99 iTunes
Anthony Jeselnik- Thoughts and Prayers 7.99 iTunes
Emiliana Torrini- The Colorist and Emiliana Torrini Live 9.99 iTunes

Total December: $90.85

Total 2016: $587.74
Avg./Album (109): $5.39

2015: $933.40 122 albums
2014: $379.73 82 albums
2013: $535.71 156 albums
2012: $899.43 287 albums
2011: $520.69 91 albums
2010: $281.44 66 albums
2009: $775.70 98 albums
2008: $505.83 68 albums
2007: $312.35 54 albums

01-12-16, 09:09 PM
Faith No More: Sol Invictus $7.99
David Bowie: Blackstar $9.99
New Order: Music Complete $7.99
Megadeth: Dystopia (Best Buy VR Edition) $14.99

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