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12-01-15, 04:36 PM
Hey everyone, new dude here, nice to meet you. I wanted to reach out because I just noticed that the film Mistress America, which came out today, is only available on Blu-Ray, not on DVD. Not even in a combo pack. I'm not sure I've ever seen this before. I get the industry gravitating toward BD over DVD, but I've never seen a film bypass the DVD format altogether. That seems like a poor business decision, alienating a subsection of consumers (and not even with a film that is visually benefited by the Blu-Ray experience, for that matter). Do any of you know of other instances where this has happened, and if so, did a DVD version arrive at a later date? I find this decision baffling.

Thank you for indulging my curiosity.

Alan Smithee
12-02-15, 05:20 AM
Well, Blu-Ray players are about as cheap as cheap DVD players were just a few years ago, and standard-def TVs are just about extinct- I don't think you can even buy a non-HDTV anymore, so DVD-only players ought to go the same way. As much as I love outdated formats and as great as DVD was when it was new, it just doesn't hold up on hi-def monitors and I don't get why anyone still buys regular DVDs at this point. Since I'm obsessive I watch all the regular DVDs that come with Blu-Ray "combo packs" and most of them look awful compared to the Blu-Ray. I'm a little surprised this movie wasn't at least released that way, but on the other hand there's been a few titles (like We Are Your Friends and recent Disney Channel movies) that have been released ONLY on regular DVD and to me that's not right.

Once you go Blu, you never go back- and while it should be obvious, many people don't get that you in fact CAN still play all your DVDs on any Blu-Ray player, so you won't be forced to replace any of the movies you have on that format unless you want to. People were still buying VHS well after DVD came out and likely would've kept buying it, but they eventually put that out to pasture. The same ought to happen with DVD now, only material still being released on it should be things shot on standard-def video.

12-02-15, 11:38 PM
It may be an experiment by Fox if they can push people toward Blu ray. Also the movie caters to younger people into digital or BD. It also cuts shelf space at stores who are cutting down on releases that they carry.

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