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10-15-15, 12:54 AM
I just read an article I will post link below, I have seen 4 of the movies and own two, I was just looking to get some reviews on them as I am massively into my horror but don't want to spend $30-$50 on films that aren't any good. Thanks in advance to who ever can drop a review...


10-15-15, 01:12 PM
I have seen only one of those movies and I hated that one so much that I must conclude that their whole list is bunk.


SterlingBen's OHMC Secret Testing Page

10-15-15, 09:25 PM
I've seen two of them, and a couple of others sound familiar. I'd likely rent, stream, or DVR them. I'm a horror fan myself, and most horror is average at best. I don't know that I'd spend a lot of money to add them to my collection.

10-16-15, 12:06 AM
I liked Hard Candy, didn't know it was horror. Want to see Goodnight Mommy (playing at a local theater) and also Tales of Halloween (playing at same theater soon).

L Everett Scott
11-18-15, 11:28 AM
I don't know if SterlingBen was alluding to Goodnight Mommy, but that's the only one on the list that I saw, and I quite enjoyed it. The writing, direction, and acting are all top-notch and kept me engaged throughout. This is a modestly budgeted (in comparison to big Hollywood movies) film but it definitely doesn't look cheap like some low-rent horror films. It is a foreign film, though, so it's subtitled; this may not be a dealbreaker even if you're not a sub fan since the film isn't dialogue heavy (well, at least I didn't think so).

A couple of other notes: if you haven't watched the U.S. trailer then don't. In fact, avoid it at all costs. It's cut in a really deceptive way to put two unrelated events together; it's just flat-out false advertising and pretty underhanded on the part of the distributor.

Also, you may have caught wind of fans being disappointed by the movie because they figured out very early on in the film a plot twist. Some people dismiss the film completely because of this. Even though I had suspicions about the twist myself, I think the film holds up just fine because the story doesn't hinge on the surprise. People who dump on the film because they saw the reveal coming fail to address the many other aspects of the story which make you think, such as the boys' questioning whether or not the woman who's come back is actually their mother. The film leaves enough doubt that fans seem divided about this. I've come across explanations (i.e., interpretations) of the movie where fans conclude definitively that the woman is not the twins' real mother. Based on what I saw, I came to the opposite conclusion.

In all, this is a pretty unsettling film. It's not a wall-to-wall gorefest by any means, but the level of sadism climbs pretty steadily and what's shown on-screen is enough to make the squeamish avert their eyes. I won't go so far as to recommend buying this film sight unseen, but it's definitely worth checking out once it's available on-demand or rental if you still have brick-and-mortar renting in your area.

11-19-15, 02:56 PM
What movie is the image in that link from? Thought it might be from Ink but I don't know.

11-25-15, 07:01 PM
What movie is the image in that link from? Thought it might be from Ink but I don't know.

The Nightmare (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3317522/)

11-26-15, 06:01 AM
Haven't seen all of them. I've seen about 7/10 on that list.

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