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11-13-14, 10:01 AM
Was overjoyed to see these listings pop up on VideoETA today! A second chance for this bizarre Sunn Classics relic on DVD!




3 volumes with 4 episodes each makes 12 episodes.

The following episodes are new (2 each from vol. 2 and 3)
- Joshua and Jericho (2)
- Story of Esther (2)
- Tower of Babel (3
- Jacob's Challenge (3)

The following episodes make up the entirety of the Artisan set from 2000 (with vol. 1 being entirely repeats)
- Abraham's Sacrifice
- Joseph in Egypt
- Sodom and Gomorrah
- Story of Moses
- The Ten Commandments
- David and Goliath
- Samson and Delilah
- Story of Noah

The following episodes have yet to be released on DVD:
- Daniel in the Lions Den (VHS)
- The Judgment of Solomon (VHS)
- Daniel and Nebuchadnezzar (VHS)

Hopefully there will be subsequent releases to cover the entire series, especially if it would only take one more release to do so. It would be a real shame for it to be revisited but still such as to be incomplete. Shame these aren't on Blu-ray, but I'll take what I can get.

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