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11-11-14, 11:24 AM
I know some TV series try too hard to squeeze more content onto a DVD but the
worst offender in my collection has to be Mill Creek "Too Cool For School" collection which features 12 70s/80s drive-in teen comedies such as "My Tutor", "Coach", "Pom Pom Girls", "The Beach Girls", "My Chauffeur" etc.

The package comes with three DVD-10s (double-sided, single layer) with two movies compressed onto each single-layer side.

Some of the transfers actually look pretty good but not so much when they're trying to squeeze over 3 hours onto a single layer disc.

The best result I got was running them up-converted out of an HDDVD player to my 36" CRT Sony Wega.

Alan Smithee
11-11-14, 01:31 PM
I've got a few of those el-cheapo sets- one of the worst is one that has a 3-hour miniseries AND a normal-length movie crammed on a single-layer disc! That Too Cool For School set would've been an instant buy til I heard that had 2 movies per layer, might as well watch those movies on an analog format instead.

11-15-14, 02:54 PM
Personally, I think saying "Mill Creek" or "Echo Bridge" alone is example enough, lol. These companies aren't just cheap, they're pathologically cheap.

While Mr. Smithee is likely the current winner, my favorite example is Echo Bridge's 2-DVD Betty Boop PD set. It was originally sold as a DVD10 and a DVD5. At some point Echo Bridge decided to reduce the DVD10 into...drum roll...a DVD5. A DVD9...oh no! That extra 10 cents (or whatever the price difference, I know it's paltry) apparently would have broken the bank! I would never have realized this except for the disk packaging, which still lists the cartoons on "Side A" and "Side B". But they were quite happy to include a Betty Boop keychain. Sigh.

11-15-14, 05:22 PM
The Ray Bradbury Theater Collection on Echo Bridge.

65 episodes over 5 DVD's. The most per DVD is 338 min. 13 half-hour episodes per disc.

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