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10-04-14, 12:37 AM
I saw this on another forum, but thought I'd post it here as I know a lot of people collect these.

Article is found here (http://www.criterion.com/current/posts/3317-exchanging-defective-discs).

Basically, Criterion has discovered some BR titles that were pressed incorrectly. They are:

Howards End
Paris, Texas
Pierrot le fou
The Seventh Seal
Summer Hours

They want you to send the disc only for replacement to:

Jon Mulvaney
The Criterion Collection
215 Park Avenue South
5th floor
New York, NY 10003

They said they'd add any other titles that were discovered to the list.

For full article and instructions please click on the above link.

10-04-14, 12:44 AM
FYI, I found my copy of Summer Hours was defective last year, and I did as was instructed and got a new, working disc.

10-04-14, 01:34 AM
Most of the bad discs were manufactured by Sonopress in 2010.
Just one of many pressing plants they used.They no longer use this one.
Wellgo also has problems with disc pressed at about the same time.

I'm sure CC will make this right from all that I read about people getting
replacement discs,broken cases replaced,booklets and in the pass.

From what I heard they been very busy replacing the Eraserhead disc they just
release,and have been very slow to answer any emails if at all.

So it is nice they have a list now.Just need to send it in to be replace.

Sending in my Walkabout disc this week.
And also Carlos disc 2 and and the Three Colors
collection the White disc had problems with the sound issues.

Already talking about it here


10-04-14, 02:23 AM
Many people are saying Stagecoach is another likely victim of the bronzing.

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