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11-28-13, 05:37 PM
Hi folks -
I'm thinking about asking for the complete series of Seinfeld on DVD for Christmas. According to some of the reviews on amazon, though, it comes in that stupid "book" style packaging that supposedly makes it easier for DVDs to show up damaged. Does anyone own this set? I know some book style packages are better than others, so I'm just wondering if it would be better to ask for a few of the individual sets instead. Any advice? Thank you!

My Other Self
11-28-13, 05:43 PM
I'v seen it and it's quite compact compared to the old complete series set, but the way the discs are stored would leave me to get other cases to store them in. There's no way I'd take them in and out of there.

11-28-13, 06:25 PM
Okay, thanks. Another question - I was considering getting the older, big black one with the coffee table book instead, and there are some new copies on ebay for a pretty good price, but I heard somewhere that most of them are bootlegs. Does anyone know how true that is?

11-28-13, 08:58 PM
I have the black boxed set with the hardcover book, I am very happy with it, and found a few discs with minor scratches, but all the discs play fine. That new packaging sounds bad, I would avoid it if you can, or just buy the individual seasons.

11-29-13, 03:17 AM
I have the fridge set. Love it, really stands out in the collection.

11-29-13, 09:05 PM
TheDuke: I've sent you a PM about the black box set. Thanks!

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