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11-07-00, 03:49 PM
Hello, this may be a real newbie question, but I'm looking for some help.

I'm going to be getting an HDTV ready tv, 4:3 ratio - mostly on accounta the wife wants that so it's a compromise - anyway, I want to get a DVD player with it and since it's hdtv ready I thought I'd look at progressive players. However, when I had them set up a Toshiba 6200 with it and flipped back and forth between interlaced and progressive the guy sat there and said "see, it's much better". Well, I didn't see. It was hooked up through progressive component outputs and the TV has progressive input also component.

So here's the deal - what am I supposed to be seeing? We flipped back and forth using Toy Story, Austin Powers, and a couple of other films and I just didn't see much. Is it really dramatic a difference or what's up?!?


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