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Daniel Davis
09-16-12, 01:31 AM
I have the above-mentioned unit. The VCR works ok, but the DVD won't record or play DVD's. I put a DVD-RW in and it started initializing, but ejected after 20% done, citing a read error. I can put a brand new DVD movie in, and it will display LOAD for awhile, ultimately rejecting the disc. The machine is several years old, but it started doing this a year after I bought it. What can I do to resurrect the DVD side of the machine?

09-17-12, 09:00 PM
Could be a dirty lens. More likely the laser transport mechanism is shot, so the laser can't track properly. You can try checking on repair, but these days a new DVDp is like $20 and repair of that device will likely be over $100.

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