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08-09-12, 05:03 AM
The Hunger Games (available August 18th)
* Exclusive three disc set; DVD $22.99 or Blu-Ray $24.99

- - -

The Hunger Games $16.99 (two disc set; available August 18th)

- - -

Dr. Seuss' The Cat In The Hat $4.75
Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory $4.75
Mrs. Doubtfire $4.75
17 Again $4.75
(additional titles in store)

- - -

Alvin And The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel $9.99
Moneyball $9.99
The Rum Diary $9.99
The Hangover Part II $9.99
(additional titles in store)

- - -

21 Jump Street (2012 )$14.99
American Reunion: Unrated $14.99
Wrath Of The Titans $14.99
John Carter [Of Mars] $14.99
Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows $14.99
Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol $14.99
Project X $14.99
Lockout: Unrated Edition $14.99
(additional titles in store)

- - -

Dexter: The Sixth Season $26.99
Glee: The Complete Third Season $25.99

Happy Endings: Season 1 $11.99
The Vampire Diaries: Season 2 $16.99
Fringe: Season 3 $16.99
House M.D.: Season 7 $16.99
Psych: Season 5 $16.99
The Walking Dead: Season 1 $17.99
Community: Season 2 $17.99
Mad Men: Season 4 $19.99
The Good Wife: Season 2 $19.99
How I Met Your Mother: Season 6 $19.99
Castle: Season 3 $24.99
Desperate Housewives: Season 7 $24.99
Dexter: Season 5 $25.99
Glee: Season 2 $26.99
Modern Family: Season 2 $26.99
Sons of Anarchy: Season 3 $27.99
Boss: Season 1 $29.99
(additional titles in store)

Information from Annie Chu (http://www.examiner.com/article/august-12-18-2012-8-12-8-18-target-ad-prices-for-dvd-and-blu-ray-deals).

Don't know about "The Hunger Games"; is it any good or some tween over sell? How odd, no listing for season three of "Community".

08-09-12, 05:45 AM
I think this is one of the best ads that they have put out in quite a while. Still, I'm not seeing anything that interests me. :p

I've been really looking forward to The Hunger Games but will wait for a lower price.

I'm always hopeful for some new additional $4.75 titles but it will probably be the same old same old. Might end up getting one or two anyhow.

08-09-12, 08:29 AM
Target ad for movies (http://www.examiner.com/slideshow/august-12-18-2012-8-12-8-18-target-ad-scan-prices-for-dvd-and-blu-ray-deals)

08-09-12, 12:25 PM
A lot of choice for a summer ad, but nothing that interests me here...

08-09-12, 06:34 PM
Thanks John/snausages. More stuff on sale next week, still nothing that interests me...:sad: -kd5-

08-09-12, 08:56 PM
I really enjoyed Hunger Games. I'd recommend it. I thought it'd be typical teen fair, but it wasn't. I even recommend the books. Nothing in common with Twilight other than they were out around the same time. Some say it is a rip off of Battle Royale, but Battle is tons more violent and I can list tons of books/movies with similar themes. Loved Lennie Kravitz in it and Woodie Harrelson, too.

08-09-12, 09:51 PM
Is Lockout Blu for $14.99?

08-10-12, 01:16 AM
Is Lockout Blu for $14.99?
DVD and Blu-Ray, yes.

- - -

Thanks for the thoughts LJG765; might pick it up, Target exclusive.

08-10-12, 01:43 AM
DVD and Blu-Ray, yes.

- - -

Thanks for the thoughts LJG765; might pick it up, Target exclusive.

That's what I went with. There are TAGs in store that allow you to pre-order which version you want for $1.00. On the back of the tag is a code which allows you a 10 minute sneak preview of what's on that extra bonus disc.

08-13-12, 12:10 AM


http://thumbnails41.imagebam.com/20572/734be8205711298.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/734be8205711298)

- - -


http://thumbnails67.imagebam.com/20572/c8a1fb205711412.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/c8a1fb205711412)

This took awhile, I waited until three AM last night; Target hadn't updated their website - last week's specials. Screw this, I'm going to bed. Then this became a busy day. And here I am.

08-14-12, 09:43 PM
I didn't see anything new when it came to the additional $4.75 titles. But some of the $5 TV show stuff was on sale for $3.99. So, I picked up seasons 2 and 3 of Lexx for $3.99 a piece. Now I just need season 4.

Rypro 525
08-17-12, 06:46 PM
Anyone know if Target stores are staying open passed midnight tonight for the Hunger Games release

08-17-12, 10:24 PM
I ended up with the Best Buy exclusive of Hunger Games. Splurged a bit more than I really should right now, but it looked like the only one with both Blu and DVD with some extra stuff which I'm a sucker for. Also, looks like the box might be able to hold the other movies when they come out but haven't seen it yet so I can't say. (Ordered it and having it shipped, think I'll get it Monday). But it is definitely worth the watch. Disappointed I couldn't get it at Target, but oh well.

08-19-12, 12:35 AM
http://thumbnails55.imagebam.com/20661/e50f2e206607496.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/e50f2e206607496)

Target bonus disc menu screen for "The Hunger Games".

08-19-12, 01:13 AM
Nice, thanks for posting. Did you watch at all? I've heard the tributes diaries aren't really worth it...Trying to decide if I should be jealous or not!

08-19-12, 03:20 AM
Not yet.

But this isn't high on my 'To Do' list. I just wanted to have it - just in case I might like it, a blind purchase.

I have a HUGE pile of pending titles to watch, on top of stuff I do. Right now I'm going through season three of "Community", I kept missing the broadcasts so I opted to skip it until it came on DVD. Excellent stuff.

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