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07-29-12, 04:19 PM
I apologize if this is somewhere obvious and I missed it, but I've been looking for a site (or sites) where people compare the different versions of DVDs/BRs that have been released. I'm having trouble finding some place that compares the two so I know if I can get rid of an old version or not.

I don't double dip too often, but there are a few movies that are important enough to me that I want the newer version but I don't want to lose features that aren't carried over.

I've tried the search here, google and a few other places, but just can't find what I'm looking for so any help would be great even if it's just pointing me to a thread where it's already covered!


07-29-12, 04:21 PM
DVDcompare.net (http://www.dvdcompare.net/)

07-29-12, 04:57 PM
Thanks! That definitely helps!

I wouldn't mind other suggestions, either, if there are any others out there.

07-29-12, 07:09 PM

Has lots of screen captures to compare visual quality from various releases.

07-30-12, 12:49 AM
dvdloc8.com/ (http://www.dvdloc8.com/)

may be useful for you as well.

07-30-12, 01:55 AM
Thanks! I think I'll end up using all three as each one offers unique features. :)

will travel
08-02-12, 01:40 AM
Another site to try.


08-02-12, 03:23 PM
Thanks, I do use that site for prices, but what I really needed was a comparison of dvd features. Basically, I have a couple dvds where I've upgraded (double dipped) for either a better picture or more features. I just needed to know if all the features transferred over so I could get rid of the old version or if I needed to keep it for features that weren't transferred over. I was hoping for a site that had side by side so it would be easy enough to see if I should keep them or not.

For instance, one is the Lord of the Rings: Two Towers. I have the 2 disc theatrical edition and I upgraded to the LE which had both theatrical and extended version. But it seemed like the features didn't all transfer so I was looking/hoping that someone had already done the work for me, rather than having to do it myself. :)

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