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07-28-12, 07:12 PM
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WAY too many great movies to name. Always loved seeing him pop up when I was watching something from just about any era. Good to him for making it to 95!


Why So Blu?
07-28-12, 10:31 PM
The Colonel from Predator. RIP

Boba Fett
07-28-12, 10:35 PM
The bad guy from Gary Busey's "Bulletproof!"

Time Warrior
07-28-12, 11:52 PM
The world's worst father in Ride the High Country (1962)

The preacher in Major Dundee (1965)

The Old Man in the TV series Millennium.

Prune Face in Dick Tracy (1990)

07-29-12, 12:06 AM
A Sam Peckinpah regular and one of the best character actors. I fucking loved that guy.


Mondo Kane
07-29-12, 12:23 AM
Aw damn. TCM just had a Dick Tracy marathon last night too and I caught ol' Pruneface.

As inri222 mentioned, Peckinpah was able the bring out the absolute best (Or the beast) in this guy.

07-29-12, 08:00 AM
Great, great character actor. Thanks R.G. for all your wonderful efforts!

Ash Ketchum
07-29-12, 08:14 AM
The third 95-year-old actor to die this month, following Ernest Borgnine and Celeste Holm.

Armstrong was great in so many films, esp. those for Peckinpah, but check out Jack Starrett's RACE WITH THE DEVIL if you haven't seen it already. Armstrong's pretty scary in that one, to say the least.

07-29-12, 10:43 AM

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