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View Full Version : Amazon 6/10/12 DOTD - Clint Eastwood: 35 Films 35 Years at Warner Bros. $63.99

06-10-12, 08:17 AM

06-10-12, 02:52 PM
At less than $1.83 per film, this is a real bargain.

06-10-12, 10:20 PM
From one of the Amazon Buyer Reviews that gave the set one star ...

The problem with buying this specific collection is the absolutely horrible quality of most of the discs. Several of the movies, 'Any Which Way You Can' is just one, wouldn't play or stalled mid movie on 3 different DVD players. The Dirty Harry movies were full of video grain and there was very little use of the surrounds in a home theater system. The fact that these movies, but for a couple of exceptions, are all two sided on the discs, one on one side and another on the opposite side, probably contributes to the poor quality. Additionally, the packaging of these DVDs makes it necessary for you to grab the outside of the disc, leaving fingerprints and body oils, over the disc itself. I take great care in how I handle my DVDs but getting around touching the flat side of the disc is impossible. I sat through every disc that would play except for Madison County before I returned the collection to Amazon. ...

06-13-12, 08:52 AM
BestBuy.com has this advertised as part of their 6/13 DOTD for $49.99 but it's already sold out!!


mr Articulate
07-01-12, 04:47 PM
I want to transfer my discs from the cardboard sleeves version I bought at Costco. Anyone found custom case art for these discs before I try to make them myself? Thanks.

mr Articulate
07-02-12, 04:07 PM
Hmmm, I see people reading this post, but no comments. Can anybody help me out with this answer or point me in a direction? thanks.

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