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Solid Snake
05-29-12, 04:36 PM

Harris Wagner (Huston) frames Jay Wagner (Duvall). In order to keep him silent, Jay is incarcerated in a Mexican prison.

Jay's wife Ann (Ireland) is unhappy at this turn of events and hires a pilot in Brownsville, Texas, Nick Colton (Bronson), to fly into the prison and rescue her husband.

Randy Quaid goes drag in this for a bit. lol.

gah..kind of behind on my Bronsonathon.

Saw this last week. Anyway...I actually enjoyed this movie a lot as well. Bronson is more enjoyable in this over what he was in Red Sun. The pilot is just a lot more fun for Bronson to play with. The story isn't that amazing or anything but it's just fun. I'd say Red Sun was better but Bronson is just so much more fun in this. Just the humor I guess. Wish I had more to say. Pretty straightforward but a lot of fun w/ Bronson.

Also...maybe it's me..but...I'm getting really tired of Jill Ireland. She's kind of of a one note kind of gal. yeah, she's Bronson's wife but...ehhh

Telefon is next I think...

05-29-12, 04:39 PM

Ash Ketchum
05-29-12, 04:43 PM
BREAKOUT was based somewhat loosely on a true story.

I haven't seen BREAKOUT since it came out. I don't remember liking it much. I definitely preferred RED SUN at the time.

Jill Ireland was certainly a problem. I guess after a certain point she had to be in all of Bronson's films whether she belonged in them or not. She's best in the first film they did together, CITTA VIOLENTA (VIOLENT CITY, aka THE FAMILY). She's supposed to be good with Bronson in the western drama, FROM NOON TILL THREE, but I've never seen it.

05-29-12, 04:53 PM
I love this one, the humor in it was a real treat. When he busts into the room and shoots down the tunnel idea it is just great!!

05-29-12, 07:20 PM
i picked this up cheap at Big Lots years ago and remember enjoying it. Sheree North made an impression for some reason, but I wouldn't have remembered Jill Ireland or Quaid in it at all.

I keep meaning to watch St. Ives again. May pull that out in the next few days.
I enjoyed Telefon, and recommend it of course, but would caution it's not as much fun as some of the other Bronson films from the same era. As a low key thriller it kept my interest though.

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