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05-23-12, 10:16 PM
A comment I made in another forum here got me wondering if other Amazon customers have their own formal systems for rating Marketplace purchases. Something like "subtract a star if X happens", with X being fairly specific. For many years I tried to rationalize against giving bad ratings for transactions that went awry, but with a formal system, there's much less guesswork. My current system goes like this:

5 stars (maximum)
-1 star if something major goes wrong with the sale, likely through the seller's carelessness (subtract more stars if multiple somethings go wrong)
-1 star if the problem is with the item, I opt to keep item, but the problem can't be fixed by me (changing a case with an unadvertised saw mark, cleaning a dirty "like new" disk, etc.)
-1 star if I emailed seller ahead of time to specifically inquire about whatever eventually went wrong, and their answer was either misleading or wrong
-1 star if seller is rude or drags their feet, such as for a return request


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