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05-23-12, 12:28 PM
Didn't want to hijack another thread so....
hope this works, should be all the timeless sets at Frys (http://www.frys.com/search?query_string=timeless&sqxts=1&cat=0&submit.y=0&submit.x=0&search_type=regular&fq=m10099998%20TIMELESS&sort=price%20desc&start=0&cat=0&from=0&to=24), from most expensive first(if I go from cheapest-a lot of generic find em' everywhere cheap dvds show up)

05-23-12, 06:07 PM
Like a jackass I drove over to the Burbank, CA store today without first checking store availability for the titles I wanted. They didn't have TATE, which is a remarkably gritty and grim western series, one of the most adult westerns ever aired. $4.99 for the complete series is a steal, but according to the staff member who looked it up, he said it's not due in the store until, well, he wasn't sure, but thought maybe May 31 would be a good time for me to check. Online it's backordered.

Then I wanted STATE TROOPER Seasons 2/3 for $9.99, another incredible deal given that there are 65 episodes. That one he said was supposed to come in on May 10, but never did and now they have no idea when it might show up. Online it's listed as: UNAVAILABLE. ???

Did pick up the complete series for LAREDO at $19.99 for what is a tongue-in-cheek 60's western series, two seasons, so a pretty good deal at ten bucks a season.

Given the new takeover of Timeless by SHOUT, I wouldn't wait too long to pick up these releases as my guess is they will all be going OOP soon enough and I doubt very much if SHOUT will have any interest continuing in the vein of the more obscure series that Timeless embraced. More's the pity.

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