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05-21-12, 09:04 PM
Breast cancer has become the poster child of corporate cause-related marketing campaigns. Countless women and men walk, bike, climb and shop for the cure. Each year, millions of dollars are raised in the name of breast cancer, but where does this money go and what does it actually achieve? Pink Ribbons, Inc. is a feature documentary that shows how the devastating reality of breast cancer, which marketing experts have labeled a "dream cause," becomes obfuscated by a shiny, pink story of success.


Limited release in Canada this past February. Opens pretty shortly in select urban theaters in the U.S. (mostly Landmark Cinemas):


DVD Polizei
05-23-12, 10:59 AM
Little more info on the piece:

The ubiquitous pink ribbons of breast cancer philanthropy - and the hand-in-hand marketing of brands and products associated with that philanthropy — permeates our culture, providing assurance that we are engaged in a successful battle against this insidious disease. But the campaign obscures the reality and facts of breast cancer – more and more women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year, and face the same treatment options they did 40 years ago. Yet women are also the most influential market group, buying 80 percent of consumer products and making most major household purchasing decisions. So then who really benefits from the pink ribbon campaigns — the cause or the company? And what if the very companies and products that profit from their association have actually contributed to the problem?

In showing the real story of breast cancer and the lives of those who fight it, Pink Ribbons, Inc. reveals the co-opting of what marketing experts have labeled a "dream cause."

Looks interesting. I've always wondered how much advertisement and Fluffy Talk directs the Boobie Force. A few women I know laugh at bumper stickers which have the ribbons.

05-23-12, 08:06 PM
Yay. Happy to see a doc tackle this issue. It's amazing/disgusting how everyone goes gaga for breast cancer while real diseases like heart disease doesn't get the same treatment.

05-23-12, 08:12 PM
One need only look at the rates of breast cancer vs. prostate cancer, and then look at the level of federal and other funding they receive to know this is a just politicized.

05-23-12, 11:00 PM
One need only look at the rates of breast cancer vs. prostate cancer...

I am trying to imagine the prostate cancer equivalent to the "Save the Ta-Tas" bumper sticker.

Edit: learned to spell "prostate", applied new knowledge to my post.

DVD Polizei
05-23-12, 11:18 PM
Well, I do see metallic scrotums--without cocks--dangling from underneath large trucks in particular areas in the United States.

Maybe there's a medical correlation there and/or the truck owner is subtly letting us all know he doesn't have a cock, and just has a nutsack to show off.

05-24-12, 02:09 PM
All I know is that one day I turned on an NFL game and the players were all wearing pink highlighted uniforms and at that point I realized that the breast cancer pink ribbon campaign had stopped being a charity and had become a brand, no different than Coke or AT&T.

Plus, when 285 pound line-backers are wearing pink things have gone too far :)

DVD Polizei
05-24-12, 09:27 PM
I titally agree.

07-23-12, 04:11 PM
So, this is still a pretty big topic, eh? Pisses me off so much that I can't stop reading this thread and the comments. :mad:

03-24-13, 05:31 PM
If anyone is interested this is available on Netflix. Pretty thorough from the spread of Komen all over the globe even using it to instill Westernization in the Middle East to talking about the lack of funds for cancer research and prevention.

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