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05-10-12, 01:52 PM
There are an handful that are around 50% off. Only seems to be the Shout! Factory collections and not all of them:

29.49 (51%)
Mystery Science Theater 3000: XXIII
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Volume XXII
Mystery Science Theater 3000: 20th Anniversary Edition

29.99 (50%)
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Vol. XX
Mystery Science Theater 3000, Vol. XIV

28.49 (52%)
Mystery Science Theater 3000, Vol. XVII

28.99 (52%)
Mystery Science Theater 3000, Vol. XV

30.99 (48%)
MST3K Vs Gamera: Mystery Science Theater, Vol. XXI (Standard Edition)

Living Deadpan
05-11-12, 11:24 AM
Thanks. I'm glad to see MST3K Vs Gamera is now available in the non-collectible edition. I only wish they did that for Volume 19 because I didn't need that stupid Gypsy toy.

If anyone's pondering buying their first MST3K set, the 20th Anniversary Edition was the first I bought & remains my favorite. Great selection of episodes & the best extras for those interested in the formation & history of MST3K (a new documentary, and a Comicon panel reunion hosted by Patton Oswalt).

Btw, coyoteblue, the majority of the Rhino sets have gone out of print, so that might partly explain their absence. ;)

05-11-12, 01:17 PM
Most of them are there, just not on sale. Except for the elusive volumes 9 and 10.

Living Deadpan
05-11-12, 04:02 PM
Volumes 8 & 1-4 have become pretty elusive, too. Check out how much used copies are being priced at.

05-11-12, 05:21 PM
All I'm missing is 9 & 10.2 and a two or three of the singles. Well...I've got a coverless volume 8, which is better than nothing.

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