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L Chabert Lover
05-08-12, 08:50 PM
I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the correct place or not, but I'm desparate. I found a really cool custom Mean Girls Blu-ray cover while searching online, but I don't have the means to print it myself. I'm willing to make a very generous deal (postage included) to anyone who can print it out and mail it to me. I also found a DVD cover that I'd like as well. Please help guys.

05-09-12, 01:45 PM
It's actually easier than you think. Buy a USB thumb drive if you don't have one already, download and save the cover there, then visit virtually any printing company, including Staples, Office Max, and Office Depot. The quality will be better than most of us can accomplish (i.e. a commercial laser printer), you can request thin, glossy paper, and the total cost will be around $1. Hope that helps!

L Chabert Lover
05-09-12, 09:09 PM
What about size dimensions? Does someone assist you when you print or is it do it yourself?

05-09-12, 09:40 PM
They will stick the USB drive into a computer behind the counter, so it's not DIY. As for size, printing the cover as-is will likely be good enough, but I will relate what happened the last time I did this. The first attempt looked fine until I got home and cut off the white edges. Then I noticed it was perhaps 3 millimeters too tall for the keep case, and reducing it further would cut into the fine print on the back. So I eventually took it back for another try. This time I requested resizing the cover to 7.2" tall, and let the length resize proportionally to "whatever". This time the height was just right, but the length was short a few millimeters! I assume there was something slightly off in the original design, but decided to leave it as-is. You may or may not run into issues like this, and it just depends on how fussy you are about getting things just right.

05-16-12, 03:12 PM
Don't some places refuse to print these out because of copyright issues?

05-16-12, 04:20 PM
I wouldn't go resizing anything. That will artificially stretch or compress the text and images. Frankly if a cover isn't sized properly to begin with than it probably isn't worth printing at all. For the record, a cover intended for a standard-sized Blu-ray keepcase should be 10.577 inches wide by 5.873 inches tall (3173 x 1762 pixels), and a cover intended for a standard-sized DVD keepcase should be 10.80 inches wide by 7.25 inches tall (3240 x 2175 pixels). You can fit either onto a standard piece of 8.5 x 11" paper, but for a DVD cover you'll need to engage the borderless printing option or a few millimeters will get cut off on one side.

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