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05-07-12, 02:15 AM
Below are DVD Talk's reviews for May 6th, 2012. For a complete list of reviews, visit <a href="http://www.dvdtalk.com/reviews/">the review index</a>.

<i><a href="http://www.dvdtalk.com/reviews/read.php?ID=54219">Eclipse Series 32: Pearls of the Czech New Wave</a></i> by Christopher McQuain
<i><a href="http://www.dvdtalk.com/reviews/read.php?ID=53154">Killer Bride's Perfect Crime</a></i> by Jeremy Biltz

<i><a href="http://www.dvdtalk.com/reviews/read.php?ID=54479">Chuck: The Complete Fifth Season <span style="font-weight:bold">(Blu-ray)</span></a></i> by John Sinnott

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<i><a href="http://www.dvdtalk.com/reviews/read.php?ID=53786">Answers to Nothing</a></i> by Tyler Foster

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