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05-05-12, 04:24 PM

http://i.imgur.com/hZVab.jpg (http://imgur.com/hZVab)

"I Was The First Man On The Moon": Pete Rose Still Lying About Things On Autographed Baseballs

We've already seen the Pete Rose signed baseball whereupon he apologized for betting on baseball. His contrition was questionable, however, as he turned a buck on the balls. Nevertheless, It seems the Pete Rose apology/weird novelty signed baseball has turned into a bit of a cottage industry.

In addition to expressing sorrow over betting on baseball, Rose also laments his role in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, destroying the economy and breaking up the Beatles.

Rose has also used the autographed baseball as a vehicle to express other sentiments weighing on his soul. There's his ominous admission to being born on the same day President Lincoln was assassinated. Or his "no crying in baseball" ode to A League of Their Own, a shout out to the whispering mantra of Field Of Dreams and, of course, his claim that he'd do the same thing any one of us would do: "I'd Walk Thru Hell In A Gasoline Suit To Meet Joe D."

Each ball comes with a certificate of authenticity—

Our Guarantee is simple: If any item we sell is ever found to be of doubtful authenticity, we will issue an immediate and no-questions-asked refund. Thankfully, in our 12-year history as an online memorabilia retailer, we have never had an item returned for authenticity. The excellent reputation of each supplier we do business with is the reason we stand behind every item we sell. Since we opened our hand-signed memorabilia division in 1996, we've built relationships with the most reputable memorabilia companies in the business.

—so you know everything is on the level.

h/t to reader Dave for reminding us of the Rose "I'm sorry" ball.

Shannon Nutt
05-06-12, 08:35 AM
Considering all the players who used steroids that are probably going to wind up in the HOF (knowingly or unknowingly), it seems to me MLB should just let bygones be bygones and let him in. It doesn't really matter though...just like Shoeless Joe, everyone knows Pete is a Hall of Famer, whether he's in there or not.

05-06-12, 03:31 PM
We just did a tour of Citizen bank park. There is a mural there, a painting of former Phil greats and favorites. The painter wasnt allowed to include Pete on the mural. He had to paint a single rose in a vase instead.

It's one thng to keep him from baseball events but keeping him off artwork and photographs inside the stadium is way out of bounds to me.

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