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Jules Winfield
05-03-12, 01:00 PM
Okay, so I've never seen Maniac Cop before. I'm not sure why because who doesn't want to see a movie named Maniac Cop. Anyways, there's a cop who is killing people and it's horrible. Cops shouldn't be killing people. They should be protecting and serving. And Tom Atkins and Bruce Campbell are in it so that appeals to the geeks. Tom Atkins is investigating and at one point, people think Bruce Campbell is the maniac cop but BC is just cheating on his wife. That doesn't make him maniacal.

So, there's a lot of cool shit going on. An innocent cop gets shot in the head for being mistaken for Maniac Cop and there's a kind of cool flashback from Maniac Cop's past. These dudes are trying to butt fuck him but he says "No Way!" I liked that the movies took time to give us Maniac Cop's flashback. Anyways, I had work early the next day and haven't finished it yet. But it left me wanting to finish it. Maniac Cop is a sleazy prostitute. You know you shouldn't do the prostitute but when you do, you're glad you did because she is good at her job even though you now have the clap.

Anyone else seen this movie? I actually really did like it. Cheesy but fun.

Jules Winfield
05-03-12, 01:11 PM
Shit, I left the s off reviews in the thread title. Now, no one is going to take this seriously.:(

05-03-12, 01:18 PM
Because they were going to take it seriously with your name attached?

Nice work, Bando Winfield.

05-03-12, 01:21 PM

05-03-12, 02:01 PM
Great movie. Glad you finally got on board.

05-03-12, 06:05 PM
You couldn't finish Maniac Cop in one sitting? It's 85 minutes long!

05-03-12, 07:18 PM
Favorite fart? Referencing your screen name in the thread title? -ohbfrank-



05-03-12, 08:29 PM
You couldn't finish Maniac Cop in one sitting? It's 85 minutes long!

Hey,when you're tired, you're tired. I started an episode of Modern Family last night and never made it through. That's a lot shorter than Maniac Cop! :lol: I think it's more strange that one would feel compelled to write a review on a movie when he hasn't even finished watching it.

Crocker Jarmen
05-03-12, 09:49 PM
I was only 10 when Maniac Cop came out, probably too young to see it. I remember vividly his flashback scene. He was alone on the street, going to sleep, being haunted by memories of his past life. There was an errie nursery rhyme type song playing and the banging of the judges gavel, showing his arrest and life in prison, ending with the shower stabbing and big cut carved from him mouth. I felt bad for him after that. It made him seem vulnerable and afraid, and I had great sympathy for him.

Haven't seen the movie since then, but I must have loved it because I saved the newspaper clipping from its release.


05-03-12, 10:00 PM
It looks funny positioned right next to Big. :lol:

Jules Winfield
05-04-12, 02:27 PM
Okay so while everyone was watching The Avengers,I finished Manic Cop. It was not as good as the first part of the movie. First, I fell asleep during Maniac Cop's flashback the first time and thought the jail guys were going to rape him. Wrong! Turns out, I was just horny. They actually fucked up his face with knives, blades and a katana blade. That's why he almost always hides in shadows. I just thought they were trying to make us possibly think that MC was really Bruce Campbell. Nope, he's just super shy about his ugly face.

So, MC ends up killing all kinds of other cops after they find out about his prison plastic surgery. He even kills Tom Atkins by throwing him out of a window. -eek-The stunt man earned his dinner because I think they really had him land on a car and kill himself. But that's okay because Bruce is still alive with his ho. And then they do what I didn't think was gonna happen. They kill MC. And MC ends up in the river in a cool stunt. So, overall, I liked the movie but I'm not going to marry it. My mom would ask me "Why?" and I'd say I'm not ready to settle down and am still in love with Pulp Fiction. And then we'll fight and mom'll kick me out of the house.

I wish MC was gorier but overall, it pleased me. I don't recommend this for people who like romantic comedies and are blind. If someone were to ask me if they should see it, I'd say Sure but only if you like your horror movies without boobs. I give it 2 1/2 Bad Mutha Fucka wallets out of four.

Jules Winfield
05-04-12, 02:29 PM
It looks funny positioned right next to Big. :lol:

Maniac Cop would be a great double feature with Back to the Beach because thy both feature horrific things.

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