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My Other Self
04-30-12, 04:49 PM
By traditional, I mean in an office on a standard Monday - Friday / 9-5 schedule. Do jobs like this really exist anymore? It seems people work all hours of the day, sometimes weekends. A lot of people even telecommuting.

Do you have a funky schedule or do you commute in the rat race?

04-30-12, 04:51 PM
8 - 5 is the norm, 9 - 5 would skip breaks of any sorts.

I work Mon - Fri, 8 - 5 most weeks, with an occasional late night or weekend here or there. It's mind numbing, how boring it is. I do have some occasional on call stuff, but I perform best On Call after a few drinks.

The Bus
04-30-12, 04:53 PM
I work Monday to Friday 8/9ish to 5/6ish, depending on the day. If something needs to get done, I'll work on it. Hasn't been unusual for me to work 18 hour days last year.

04-30-12, 05:05 PM
My last job went from 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. to 10:30 a.m. - 7:30 p.m. and then finally 2 p.m. - 11 p.m, Monday through Friday. My current job is 9 a.m. - 6 p.m., M-F, but they seem to enjoy having 8 a.m. meetings at least once a week.

04-30-12, 05:07 PM
My last job was usually 8-6, but with frequent later nights. Staying till 9 or later was not uncommon, and I often did more work from home between 11 and 2 after everyone else in the house went to bed. Plus I did occasional weekends, especially Friday and Sunday evenings.

My job before that was a regular 7:45-4:30 but with frequent OT--at least I got time-and-a-half at this one. I think the latest I stayed in the office was 2 or 3 a.m., but this was the days before telecommute options so I didn't work from home as much as I did at the next job. It was only in the later stages of this job that I was even able to check my work e-mail from home.

So I've never had "traditional" hours in my working life. My wife insists some people do work regular hours and leave everything at the office, but I don't know if that's true.

My Other Self
04-30-12, 05:14 PM
I guess I should answer my own question...

I've been working in office environments since 2007 when I got my first "office job" through a temp agency. I've been working a traditional schedule, but it's been mainly 8-4:30, 7-3:30, and now 7:30-4.

I hope that will change some day, as I don't care for routines and going to a job in which I'm bored to tears, but until I graduate from college in a couple of years this is what I'm stuck doing.

04-30-12, 05:48 PM
I work around the stock market. Usually from 9 to 4:30, though I get in early if need be.

Living Dead
04-30-12, 05:49 PM
I'm an assistant staff writer. The hours I'm paid for are 8-5 M-F, but I rarely actually work those hours unless it's for brainstorming sessions at the studio. Some days I don't even go in at all. I do most of my work at home in the evening when I can write by myself. It's understood that this is my job whether I do it at home or at the studio, so as long as I deliver, no one really bothers me about hours or locations. But unfortunately, since I'm still an assistant, it's usually more than the 40 I get paid for. I'm holding out for an actual staff writing contract. That's where the real money is.

04-30-12, 06:07 PM
8:30-5:30 M-F and 10-4 two or three saturdays a month. Then at night or Sunday if people make an appointment.

04-30-12, 06:29 PM
What are strippers' hours?

04-30-12, 06:44 PM
8:30 - 5:30 here.

Pretty traditional.

04-30-12, 07:03 PM
My official work hours are 9-5, and I could probably fit my work into that time if I was willing to cut a few corners on some projects. As it is I usually work closer more like 9:30 to 6.

04-30-12, 07:15 PM
I work 10p - 6a about 15 days per month. I occasionally get stuck late anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour or two. I'm not a morning person at all, so it suits me.

04-30-12, 07:20 PM
College professor, so no. My teaching work on campus is about 9 hours a week. Grading and writing/publishing generally happen at home, or at the bar.

04-30-12, 07:27 PM
Nope. I'm only in the office M/W from about 7:30am - 1pm. The rest of the time, I work from home.

04-30-12, 07:43 PM
Work from home, meet clients at their business, home, or a restaurant. It actually sort of sucks working from home since I'm a young single guy...if it weren't for getting out each day to meet with clients, I'd go nuts. But not sure I could ever do a regular 40 hour a week office job either. People telling you when you can and can't work and taking orders? Icky.

04-30-12, 08:27 PM
Public school teacher. 6 am to 4:30 pm M-F with work brought home, maybe one Saturday a month for 2-6 hours, about four nights a year where I work until 8:30 PM for Open House, Back to School Night, concerts, etc.

04-30-12, 08:38 PM
I work at a record store and I work the closing shift usually. Either 2-9 or 4-9 on weekdays and 4-11 on Friday and Saturday. I also work 6 days a week.

Tracer Bullet
04-30-12, 08:45 PM
9-5, union.

04-30-12, 08:46 PM
M & W 9-3, Tu & Th 9-5, every other F, 9-2 and every other Sa 9-2.

E Unit
04-30-12, 08:50 PM
I started the traditional route - 8-5 M to F in the office, but with our shift in corporate culture I now work either starting at 7 to 9 or 10 am to 4 to 7 pm. I also now work 3-4 days from home. I'm now allowed to take time off during the day as long as I make it up. Or more directly, as long as I get my job done, then I can work whenever I want.

04-30-12, 09:07 PM
7--4:30. 5 days a week. No on-call. Works for me!

04-30-12, 09:49 PM
Speech language pathologist in a public school: 8:45-4:15 M-F. I often have paperwork that I take home, but not lately.

04-30-12, 10:22 PM
I work a set schedule that I can make myself. But will have to do the nights and weekends as well. I actually like it better than a set 9-5 since I get to sleep in on my late days and schedule appointments for the afternoons. Then again, it is not always just an 8 hour shift and no overtime.

04-30-12, 11:16 PM
I work three shifts. One week its 7:00 am - 3:15 pm, then 3:00 pm - 11:15 pm and 11:00 pm - 7:15 am.
No overtime or working on weekends. When holidays fall on a Tuesday or Thursday we get the Monday and Friday off as well.

04-30-12, 11:19 PM
oh yeah, I'm also on call 24/7.

Crocker Jarmen
05-01-12, 12:56 AM
Used to work 5pm to 5am; which led to isolation, paranoia, alcoholism and other selfdestructive behaviour.

After 7 or so years of that I swicthed to the normal 9am 5pm but my personal life didn't improve.

Now I'm self-employed. I work anywhere from 9 am to 11pm but I am much happier, healthier and well adjusted. Something about having a sceduled place to go to every day for a certain number of hours didn't work for me.

05-01-12, 02:40 AM
I work for a marketing firm so no it's weird dependent on the client sometimes I work 3 days in a row 12 hours a day then get a week off for what's called "decompression", then I do it all over again usually 3-4 times a month unless it's holiday season then it's more. It's fun to be able to work a long weekend get paid then sleep in on a Monday and go get a drink 3pm or catch up on shows.

Boondock Saint
05-01-12, 03:18 AM
Usually 10:30 AM to 7 PM. Although the end varies depending on if certain cuts are going out, it could be as late as 1 AM.

05-01-12, 03:23 AM
I work at a theater, so no. My schedule is usually 5pm to 1am Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, then 9-5 or 10-6 Saturdays and Sundays.

05-01-12, 03:48 AM
1. Knowing when everyone is at work
2. ???
3. Profit!

05-01-12, 06:00 AM
Middle mgmt, casino/gaming industry, IT, core hours are 9 to 5, but I can pretty much call my hours as long as my objectives are met. I tend to stick to core hours, but if I need to come in later or leave earlier it's no biggie.

05-01-12, 06:28 AM
I work full-time in retail, so I'm on 6 days a week. 7a-4p is my normal schedule with an 11a-8p thrown in once a week and a shorter 7a-12p on Sundays.

05-01-12, 06:45 AM
I work in a manufacturing engineering group, as a systems engineer supporting production. Core hours are 7-3:30, but I typically start at 5:30 instead.

I'd thought I'd gotten out of the Saturday routine, as I had only worked 1 prior to April...but now I've worked the last 3 in a row, so who knows...

Anything over 40 hours is OT. Sundays (rare) are double-time.

The Bus
05-01-12, 07:05 AM
I work in a manufacturing engineering group, as a systems engineer supporting production. Core hours are 7-3:30, but I typically start at 5:30 instead.

I'd thought I'd gotten out of the Saturday routine, as I had only worked 1 prior to April...but now I've worked the last 3 in a row, so who knows...

Anything over 40 hours is OT. Sundays (rare) are double-time.

Why does manufacturing get such an early start? We had a manufacturer tour our US facilities and we got an email saying they would be there at 7:15am, and we should too.

A friend of mine works in aerospace and he heads to work at 5am.

Why is that?

05-01-12, 07:12 AM
7:30 - 5:30, in a cube, at a huge, world destroying company.

05-01-12, 07:53 AM
As long as I have computers to work on, it's 7 days a week for me, typically between 9am and 6pm, although because I'm my own boss and I work from home, those hours are negotiable. There are times I might start at 8am (if I have updates I can be downloading while I'm doing my morning surf), and work until 7pm (if I'm pressured to get a job done). The only off days for me are the days cabin fever dictates I get the hell out of here for awhile. -kd5-

05-01-12, 08:15 AM
7am till 3pm, eat lunch at the desk, if needed, I do stay later but also get paid in doing so, past years 600+ extra hours was not uncommon, this year not so much but hoping for it to pick up shortly.

The Bus
05-01-12, 08:16 AM
What are strippers' hours?

8:30-5:30 M-F. Saturdays about twice a month, 10-4. Then at night or Sunday if people make an appointment.

05-01-12, 08:39 AM
M & W 9-3, Tu & Th 9-5, every other F, 9-2 and every other Sa 9-2.

oh yeah, I'm also on call 24/7.

Is that 9 AM starting or 9 PM starting?

05-01-12, 08:52 AM
7:30 - 4:30 M-F government job. I like routine so it works for me, and they are pretty generous with time off. Some ppl here have like 6 months of leave time saved up.

I had my fill of working weekends during my college years as a EMS/911 dispatcher. 7p - 7am both Sat and Sun. Needless to say, I really hated daylight savings time when the clocks are turned back at midnight.

05-01-12, 09:13 AM
I work in an office, an actual office with four walls and a door. My hours are 7:30-4:30, M-F, but I usually get to work between 7:05 - 7:10 a.m. I inevitably check (and answer) email throughout the evening and over weekends.

05-01-12, 09:23 AM
10:30am-7:00pm Sun-Thurs at a call-center for Sears

05-01-12, 09:41 AM
8-4:30 at a pretty large insurance company.

05-01-12, 09:50 AM
I've never had a "regular" job.

Teenage fast food jobs were perhaps sometimes normal, but varied a lot, and I mainly worked the closing hours.

Current job (26 years now) has been 7 to 7 three or four days a week. 18 years of the night shift, but now a daywalker.

05-01-12, 11:14 AM
I work 9:30 to 6:30, used to be around 10 - 7. But i'm in IT and frequently have to work overtime, and i'm on-call occasionally too.

milo bloom
05-01-12, 12:09 PM
After starting out in fast food working every kind of unholy shift you can imagine, I consider myself very lucky to have a nice, normal 8:30-5, M-F job. I often stay over a little in the afternoons because I don't always hit the office right at 8:30, and my VP has indicated he likes that I'm here a few minutes after 5 to catch the stragglers that email for help. But I get an hour lunch (and I do not eat at my desk, I take my book and read in the breakroom, or go out), and I'm supposed to have two 15 minute breaks, but I rarely take them. Vacation and sick time is fairly generous (I can even take off my birthday if I want to...)

I rarely work weekends, I did a few weeks ago for end of fiscal year, but even that hadn't happened in previous years, it was just a one-off thing they needed.

I'm in a "deluxe" cubicle. It's one of those gray-carpeted wall things, but it's much bigger and definitely a bit of a status symbol here.

05-01-12, 12:13 PM
Around 9:30 to around 5:30, M-F. Ad agency. Occasional (but rare) evenings and weekends.

05-01-12, 12:25 PM
What are strippers' hours?

the other 9 to 5

05-01-12, 12:34 PM
9-5 dont take a lunch or break. i eat at my desk and work through so i can get out at 5. It would be 9-5:30 normally. I also work until 8pm every so often to help out when OT is available and also will work 10-4 Sat/Sun if available as well.

I help run a call center for a Proxy firm.

05-01-12, 12:41 PM
Standard office job; 8-4:30 M-F

05-01-12, 02:00 PM
I'm a self employed handyman working anywhere from 9am til whenever(latest 2am during a home remodel once). Usually only 3-4 days a week. I'm currently looking for something new with steadier hours.

05-01-12, 02:33 PM
My first job was as a 6pm to 10pm night clerk, then I got promoted to a regular 9-5 office clerk job. Now I conduct due-diligence work at a Private Investigation firm with the same basic regular office hours. I love the work (big shock, me loving research), but the stress is just something fierce with relatively low compensation for my antacid addiction.

I'm sorta bummed I never had to work retail or fast food as a teenager... Feels like I missed out on a teenage rite-of-passage.

05-01-12, 03:22 PM
Work for New York State. M-F 7:00-3:30 most weeks, with some weekend shifts thrown in here and there.

Shannon Nutt
05-01-12, 03:23 PM
I work M-F, 10-7. This week, 10-9.

05-01-12, 03:42 PM
Is that 9 AM starting or 9 PM starting?

AM. I work for doctors.

Nick Danger
05-01-12, 04:07 PM
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and alternating Wednesdays. Officially it's 6AM to 6PM, but I stay late 15-30 minutes every day to make sure the night shift is in good shape. We work 24/7/365.

I would hate having to be at work at 8:00 AM. The bridges across the river are completely backed up at rush hour. It's not like there's an alternate route.

05-01-12, 04:31 PM
When I'm in the office I usually work 8-5. When I'm on the road I can sometimes get home early, like around 3pm. Sometimes I get stuck out on the road and don't get home till 8pm. It usually evens out over the long haul.

05-01-12, 04:34 PM
I work 7-5, Monday through Friday, in an office.

05-01-12, 04:45 PM
Depends at what time I wake up

05-01-12, 07:06 PM
830-430 m-f in my office day job... On MWF from 6pm-9pm work as a coach/trainer at a gym.

05-01-12, 07:36 PM
I would hate having to be at work at 8:00 AM. The bridges across the river are completely backed up at rush hour.
I walk to work. It's a mile each way. On a really heavy commute day the oval (quad/greenspace in the middle of campus) is packed with coeds working on their tans. It's hell, I tell you.

Charlie Goose
05-01-12, 07:50 PM
I work 11pm-11am, W-Th-F one week, and W-Th-F-Sa the second week. I don't recommend it.

05-01-12, 08:11 PM
The only thing normal is the Monday through Friday work week, though sometimes I need to work on weekends. I typically get in by 10:30 though there's no set time. Today for instance I got in at 11:30. Depending on what's going or what I'm trying to finish, I'm in the office between 8 and 12 hours per day.

05-01-12, 08:53 PM
I walk to work. It's a mile each way. On a really heavy commute day the oval (quad/greenspace in the middle of campus) is packed with coeds working on their tans. It's hell, I tell you.God damn it, either post some pics or suspend yourself.

05-01-12, 11:34 PM
Lord no!! Ha!

Not sure I can even explain how I work. But essentially it is a "compressed" work year. Sort of like people who work 4 days a week X 10 hours a day. Only I work 6 days a week X 12 hours per day, when working. Otherwise sort of don't work. The thing is, no schedule. I could work 6 days a week 12 hour days for months on end and then no work at all for months. Or could work a couple weeks and then off couple weeks.

Nick Danger
05-01-12, 11:49 PM
I walk to work. It's a mile each way. On a really heavy commute day the oval (quad/greenspace in the middle of campus) is packed with coeds working on their tans. It's hell, I tell you.

My dad bicycled to work until he retired. Every Spring, he would be overcome with admiration all over again when the coeds started wearing tank tops.

05-02-12, 02:13 AM
Work from home 100% of the time unless I travel which is usually 3-5 days a month. No work hours really other than being on time for calls that may be scheduled.

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