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04-30-12, 12:15 AM
Old School R&B and Minneapolis Funk fans should rejoice. As of now André Cymone's three albums are finally available on CD in remastered and expanded editions. Though the former Prince bassist and acclaimed Producer (Jody Watley) only had minor success as a solo artist, but fans have been craving CD releases of his albums ever since.

Livin' in the New Wave: Expanded Edition (1982) [Original recording remastered, Import]


1. Livin' In The New Wave
2. Kelly's Eyes
3. All I Need Is You
4. Trouble
5. Get It Girl
6. Baby Don't Go
7. So Fine
8. Voice On The Radio
9. Ritz Club

Bonus Tracks:

10. Livin' In The New Wave (Single Version)
11. Kelly's Eyes (Single Version)

Survivin' In The 80's: Expanded Edition (1983) [Original recording remastered, Import]


1. Survivin' In The 80's
2. M.O.T.F.
3. Make Me Wanna Dance
4. Lovedog
5. Body Thang
6. Stay
7. What Are We Doing Here
8. Don't Let The Future (Come Down On You)

Bonus Tracks:

9. Make Me Wanna Dance (12" Version)
10. Make Me Wanna Dance (Instrumental)
11. Survivin' In The 80's (12" Version)
12. Survivin' In The 80's (Instrumental)
13. Make Me Wanna Dance (Single Version)
14. Survivin' In The 80's (Single Version)

A.C.: Expanded Edition (1985) [Original recording remastered, Import]


1. The Dance Electric
2. Lipstick Lover
3. Pretty Wild Girl
4. Book Of Love
5. Satisfaction
6. Sweet Sensuality
7. Vacation
8. Neon Pussycat

Bonus Tracks:

9. The Dance Electric (Long Version)
10. Lipstick Lover (Club Mix)
11. Satisfaction (12" Remix)
12. Red Light (B-Side)
13. Fallin' Fallin' (B-Side)
14. The Dance Electric (Single Version)
15. Lipstick Lover (Instrumental)
16. Satisfaction (Single Version)

A.C. is already ordered. Will get the other two soon :)

04-30-12, 07:10 AM
I've picked up Survivin In the 80s thus far, I'll probably pick up the other two eventually

04-30-12, 09:46 PM
Cool. According to amazon.de my A.C. CD should arrive tomorrow. Can't hardly wait to give it a spin.

05-01-12, 07:25 AM
they are usually on sale pretty cheap at the label's web site http://www.funkytowngrooves.com/

05-02-12, 12:48 AM
Thanks for the tip but I'm without paypal or credit cards at the moment.

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