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04-27-12, 09:55 AM
Disney Store has Cinderella 2-Disc Blu-ray Combo up for preorder for $24.99. You get a set of free lithographs and $10 off up to $39.99 or $20 off $40+ on a future online purchase. Link (http://www.disneystore.com/disney/store/DSIProductDisplay?isSingleMatch=true&catalogId=10002&langId=-1&productId=1308529&catalogFromSearch=10002&storeId=10051&N=1000316)

FREE Lithograph Set Offer* PLUS UP to $20 off your next purchase Offer**

Disney's Cinderella is transformed to a new level of brilliance on Blu-ray. Rediscover the timeless story, the memorable music, and unforgettable characters - now more enchanting than ever with pristine digital picture and dazzling high-definition sound!

Cinderella has faith her dreams of a better life will come true. With help from her loyal mice friends and a wave of her Fairy Godmother's wand, Cinderella's rags are magically turned into a glorious gown and off she goes to the Royal Ball. But when the clock strikes midnight, the spell is broken, leaving only a single glass slipper . . . the only key to the ultimate fairytale ending! Dreams really do come true . . . through the magic of Blu-ray! Rated G. Available to own October 2, 2012.

* Pre-Order Diamond Edition 2-Disc Cinderella Blu-ray Combo Pack by October 1, 2012 and receive an exclusive set of four Lithographs, while supplies last.

** Pre-Order Diamond Edition 2-Disc Cinderella Blu-ray Combo Pack by October 1, 2012 and get $20 off a future online purchase of $40.00 or more; or $10 off a future online purchase of up to $39.99. An e-mail will be sent at the conclusion of the pre-sale with a unique promotion code valid for a future online purchase made between 10/2/2012 - 10/14/2012.

04-27-12, 10:33 AM
Once upon a time, there was a Disney Store in every mall so I only had to drive a few miles to go to one. Then evil forces conspired against Disney's bottom line, and Disney closed every Disney Store near me going from 5 stores down to 2. The 2 they chose to leave open just so happened to be the ones furthest away from me (about 25 mile round trips or over $4 in gas). So, while I would've considered this deal before, I'll either go with Amazon's preorder right now ($23.49) or Target + upcoming DMR coupon (probably $5). It never hurts to preorder at Amazon just in case.

For those who have nearby Disney Stores and like lithographs, go for it. While lithographs are cool, every one I've ever gotten has gone into a box and never come out. Someday I ought to open up that box and see if I could sell them on eBay for enough to be worthwhile. The answer is probably not. If only I had time...

Obi-Wan Jabroni
04-27-12, 10:52 AM
^The offer is for online purchases, so it doesn't mater how close your nearest disney store is. But, since I don't care about lithographs, I'm pretty sure I will be able to find this cheaper somewhere, and I'm pretty much never gonna spend $40 at disneystore.com, I will pass

Plus, I don't know if there is another link, but he one in this link is the one in the DVD case.

04-28-12, 05:02 PM
This to me looks like the DVD packaging of the combo pack. Buyers beware.

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