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04-23-12, 12:53 AM
Don't know if any of you guys are familiar with Grocery Outlet but its a cheap grocery store that sells most retail products a cheaper prices but closer expiration dates. Anyway, I've noticed some decent titles at Outlets in central California. A few of the titles I've seen for 4.99 unless otherwise noted

Michael Clayton
The Dark Knight 2 disc
Watchmen 2 disc
The Last Samurai
Blood Diamond 2 dics
Justice League season 2 at 9.99
Ultimate Collector's Edition of 300 at 9.99
I Am Legend UCE at 9.99
"Borders" exclusive of Goblet of Fire 2 disc
Blade Runner 4 disc for 9.99
Magnolia 2 disc

Those are just some titles I can recall seeing.

02-14-13, 09:29 PM
For those on the West Coast. G.O. got a new batch. Singles are $4.99, boxes are $10.

I apologize that I don't have a photographic memory or camera to list hundreds of titles, but these 3 stuck with me:

Tracey & Hepburn Signature Box (I bought it)

Social Network (Only other time I've seen that marked down was at Blockbuster's goob sale)

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (1 disc plastic case)

A number of titles different than Big Lots, etc. If there's a GO near you it's worth a stop.

02-21-13, 11:38 PM
Saw the Brando box today that Big Lots has been opening & selling as individual dvd's for $10.

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