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04-20-12, 10:24 AM
From Dark Horizons:

"Drive" and "Bronson" filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn is said to be closing a deal to produce a prequel/remake to the 1980's cult horror movie "Maniac Cop" reports Daily Grindhouse (via Bad Ass Digest).

The original film's writer Larry Cohen and director William Lustig are producing this update and Cohen says "itís going to be more a prequel than anything else, I am really excited to come back to this world especially since Nick (Winding Refn) is going to be a part of it. Nick has been talking to us about it for a while now and I had an idea that would work so weíre going to do it.Ē

Cohen says that the film will maintain the noir-ish comic book feel of the first three films but will certainly have a bigger budget. He adds that "the project isnít 100% signed off on but itís pretty close."


I'll watch anything Refn does, and I'm a big fan of Cohen's work. This excites me.

04-20-12, 10:29 AM
Awesome awesome awesome!

Crocker Jarmen
04-20-12, 10:32 AM
Well, I'm surprised. This has to be a prequel/remarke in the same sense of Herzog's Bad Lieutenant. Let me know when there is confirmation Bruce Campbell will have a role.

04-20-12, 10:39 AM
If Refn gets confirmed as director, I'm in 100%.

04-20-12, 10:42 AM
Subject header is misleading. Refn is set to produce.

04-20-12, 10:50 AM
Goddamn my reading comprehension and lack of actual reading!

Mods, can someone fix that? Thanks.

04-20-12, 10:59 AM
No Z'Dar, no sale.

04-20-12, 11:30 AM
Gosling as the lead?

Charlie Goose
04-21-12, 08:48 AM
Calling the original a "cult" horror movie is a bit of a stretch. All 3 were low budget garbage.

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