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04-16-12, 08:53 PM
It looks like the old Access software gang is going to jump on the retro Kickstarter bandwagon and start one for a new Tex Murphy adventure game in Mid May. I loved the originals, so I hope this one takes off!


Also appears that the designers of the Space Quest series want to come out of retirement as well. They don't have the rights to Space Quest, but something similar.


And if you haven't noticed already, Jane Jensen is currently doing a Kickstarter for an adventure game studio. The voting just closed on what the first game will be, and the winner is one the vein of Gabriel Knight.


04-16-12, 09:29 PM
And if you haven't noticed already we already have an Ultimate Kickstarter Thread

04-16-12, 10:46 PM
True, but two of the games I mentioned don't actually have Kickstarters yet.

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