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04-16-12, 04:44 PM

recently I remembered a specific scene from some movie and I don't know what movie it is from. I think I have seen only a short trailer of that movie.

Here is what I can remember, respectively what I assume:

Release date: 2010 - 2011
Genre: Thriller, Crime
Plot: Two or maybe three computer or software specialists or software students getting hired by a big company. It is about software, science, computer in combination with crime, maybe conspiracy.

Scene I remember: The students presenting their own developed software at some kind of exhibition. Some guy (probably from the big company) is making an offer to the head of the group at the exhibition. The group is arguing about the pro and cons of joining the company.

Unfortunately that is all I can remember.
Any clue?

04-16-12, 05:10 PM

oh, just saw the "release date". nevermind.

04-16-12, 05:38 PM
Something to add, I think the software the group developed had something to do with antivirus/firewall/security software. But I am not sure.

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