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04-13-12, 05:08 PM
Argentine 'Miracle Baby' comes back to life after remaining in the freezing morgue for 10 hours

A tiny baby came back to life after being declared dead and in the freezing morgue for more than 10 hours in Argentine

God shows Himself in mysterious ways and a recent incident which took place in Argentine, has shown one of His miracles. A tine, 1 pound 12 ounces baby was declared dead as soon as she was born. She was pronounced dead after her premature birth and doctors were quite sure that the small baby has already passed away. However, the baby withstood more than 10 hours of freezing temperatures in the morgue refrigerator before being found alive!

The baby was born at the Parrendo Hospital in northeastern Argentina to Fabian Vernon and Analia Boutet. This was going to be the couple's fourth baby after a miscarriage which had occurred shortly before her conception. The baby was born on the 3rd of April and she was three months early than her due date. As soon as she was taken out of her mother's body, it was evident to doctors that she was dead as there were no vital signs visible. The gynaecologist who did the delivery, found no signs of live in the baby, so he passed it on to a neonatal doctor who also did not find any vital signs.

The doctors kept the baby under observation for a little while but when it became apparent that she was dead, they pronounced her dead and followed the proper hospital protocol. She was then taken to the morgue in a little wooden coffin and was placed in the freezer. On the same night, Analia Boutet started insisting that she wanted to see her dead daughter and take her picture as a memory. After a lot of convincing, the doctors agreed to this strange demand and Boutet went to the morgue with her husband. "They put the coffin on top of a stretcher and we looked for a little crowbar to open it because it was nailed shut," Veron told CNN.com. "It was nailed shut. I put the crowbar in there and started prying. I took a breath and took the lid off."

When Boutet touched her daughter, she gave a small cry. At first both the husband and the wife thought that it was their imagination but it became apparent that the baby had come back to life after remaining in the morgue for more than 12 hours .

Now even after a week of this incident, the baby still is alive but she is being kept in an incubator. She is named as Luz Milagros, which is the Spanish for light and miracles.


Miracle from God my ass! I'm buying some guns :)

Larry C.
04-13-12, 05:23 PM
Are you sure the baby wasn't just in jail waiting for you to pick him up?

04-13-12, 05:41 PM
I for one welcome our new zombie baby overlords!

The Bus
04-13-12, 09:33 PM
Waiting for scott3u90jfe0-i32-0igw0230523095782097's post on here, as his avatar is appropriate.

DVD Polizei
04-13-12, 09:42 PM
And her name shall be Tine Bebé Zombie Milagro

Abob Teff
04-14-12, 01:04 AM
Do you think she'll risk breastfeeding a zombie baby?

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