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04-12-12, 09:08 PM
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Martin gets his laptop stolen on the day Jake is scheduled for an important evaluation. As a result, he becomes ensnared in a young Salvadoran woman's quest to avenge the death of her family. Meanwhile, Teller (guest star Danny Glover) tries to reconnect with his estranged daughter. Also, a spirited Saudi Arabian girl tries to break free of the societal constraints imposed on her and a Montreal doctor attempts to meet a stranger on a train in the all-new "Entanglement" episode of TOUCH airing Thursday, April 12 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (TOU-104) (TV-PG L, V)

Episode 5 of 12

04-13-12, 01:09 AM
Pretty good episode. I liked how all the stories connected. felt satisfying.

On a different note, it was really odd to see parts of the show set in my city Montreal. Having actually been on that Metro everyday to go to work and having been to that Champ-de-Mars station a few times it was funny to see that it looked NOTHING like the real one lol!

And those two guys couldn't speak french to save their lives heheh

But yeah i know it's all understandable, i really doubt they go shoot in every city they mention! I just personally thought it was funny :P

04-13-12, 11:44 AM
That's cool. I always pictured Montreal like her in Phoenix where folks jump from Spanish to English during a conversation.

I think the part I most enjoy about the show is how it is global with the connection. really enjoying the show so far. Glad it didn't involve the son running away again. That is getting pretty frustrating and as someone said, they may want to put one of those invisible fences up that gives him a jolt : )

04-13-12, 01:26 PM
:thumbsup: Really enjoyed last night's episode and how everything was tied together.

The 2nd episode (the official premiere) didn't work for me on these storylines tying in together because of the ridiculous coicidences.

I think they have improved and eveything is a little more fluid and believable.

But, out of the 3 plots last night, the Chinese guy and his daughter was probably the least compelling.

Liked the Saudi Arabian storyline and how it tied into the main plot with Martin and the girl seeking revenge. It was kind of cool that the Doctor in Montreal was the brother of the girl who delivered the baby. It was interesting how he had some tie-in to the A plot since he was looking for a bone marrow donor.

I can see why FOX decided to pair this with American Idol on Thursday nights. It's really a family-oriented procedural drama and fits the demographic that is watching Idol.

04-13-12, 02:18 PM
I didn't realize that Wendy & Lisa did the music for this. I can't decide if the main musical motif is good or just annoying.

I'm having the same problem with this show as I had with Heroes. I watch TV so I don't have to read. It's a pain to have to look up from my laptop :).

04-13-12, 03:09 PM
Thanks for the info on Wendy & Lisa. Did not know that and will have to pass on to my brother.

04-18-12, 04:43 PM
This was one of the better shows since the kid was not a big part of the story.

Maybe they can use him less on the show?

It was nice seeing Amir Talai the guy from the bottomless party in Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay play the doctor


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