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04-10-12, 06:31 PM
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Catherine's (guest star Andrea Roth) plan to drive Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd) and Bridget, posing as Siobhan (Sarah Michelle Gellar), apart unravels. Agent Machado (Nestor Carbonell) discovers who wanted to kill Siobhan all along and rushes to intercept the killer before it is too late. Meanwhile, Siobhan's plan to help Henry (Kristoffer Polaha) backfires when the main witness suddenly dies. Zoey Deutch also stars. Janice Cooke directed the episode written by Scott Nimerfro (#120).

Episode 21 of 22

I know very few people here are watching this week to week let alone live, but next week is the season and possibly series finale.

This is a long shot to come back.

Evan Meadow
04-11-12, 04:40 AM
I repeat, the title of the show should have been "Everyone wants to Kill Sibohan".

But I do like how all the threads are coming together, and how the clip for the season finale echoes directly on the season opener.

04-11-12, 11:24 AM
This doesn't air in Chicago until Sunday night :(

04-12-12, 06:53 AM
This show started off with a pretty good mystery, but it derailed along the way with adding unnecessary storylines like throwing Andrea Roth's ex-wife character (lay off the plastic surgery, btw - you were so good looking in the first couple of seasons of Rescue Me - why did you have to start ruining your face?) into the mix.

Now we have one episode to wrap up storylines that were basically dropped four or five episodes ago?

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