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04-05-12, 09:25 PM
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Martin crosses paths with a young man who has a history with his deceased wife, Sarah. A couple managing an online instrument repair business work with an Iraqi heavy metal band that has a teenage follower who is looking to share his comedic talent with an American soldier (guest star Sprague Grayden) in Baghdad. But the soldier has troubles of her own when her convoy is ambushed, forcing her to hide in the Iraqi desert. Then, a lottery winner comes upon a depressed pastor in the all-new "Kite Strings" episode of TOUCH airing Thursday, April 5 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (TOU-105) (TV-14 L, V)

Episode 4 of 12

04-05-12, 11:47 PM
Best episode since the pilot, I think. They need to get a restraining bolt (or shock collar) for that kid though.

That was the second guest actor they've had who was also on 24, I think.

04-06-12, 12:52 AM
Do think it is strange when Jack keeps referring to his son as 'sweetheart'.

04-06-12, 01:02 AM
Do think it is strange when Jack keeps referring to his son as 'sweetheart'.

I was almost gonna post the same thing. Isn't the father's name Martin? I know Keifer will always be Jack to many of us though.

04-07-12, 11:53 PM
Great Episode. Still absolutely loving this show. However, i too found it odd about him calling his son sweetheart.

04-09-12, 02:02 AM
LOL, either no one is watching this or it's just a show that doesn't inspire alot of discussion! :p

I enjoy it, i like seeing each week how all the stories connect but it IS getting annoying having Keifer constantly chasing down Jake and apologizing every 2 minutes to everyone around. But hey i guess that's how Jake is able to 'connect'

04-10-12, 04:51 PM
Was Kiefer a fan or admirer of Heroes or Tim Kring before he decided to do this show?

It would be strange since Heroes was on the same day and timeslot with 24 when they were both on the air.

04-11-12, 08:54 PM
Keifer (pant) is always (pant) out of (pant) breath. It drives me (pant pant) crazy.

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