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04-05-12, 04:45 AM
Yes! Malcolm In The Middle is finally coming to DVD in the UK! All of the seasons are to be released by this Christmas (With a Complete Boxset then being released), by Fabulous Films who have bought the UK rights from FOX. They specialize in sorting out releases with music rights issues, and they are going to be put out with all of the music intact. The First Season is up for Pre Order now on Amazon and will be released in June. I can't wait!

03-24-13, 10:53 PM
yes saw this last year and i was really happy to see them being made also in widescreen is a +

but i think i will pass on getting them i already have every ep around 550mb 720x576 h.264 3500kbps 25fps 16:9 widescreen .ts just rec them off the tv removed ads and keep the original files

03-25-13, 01:03 PM
I wish that Shout would buy the rights from Fox and put the series out in america, its still one of my favorite tv comedies of all time. At least the whole series is on netflix.

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