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04-05-12, 04:07 AM
After seeing James Rolfe do a funny commentary for Street Fighter, I bought a set of them called Sonny Chiba Street Fighter Collection. On my CRT tv, the movies look pretty good. But on my computer, they don't look any better than a VHS tape. I know that there is a really cool anamorphic set in the UK, which may just get me to spring for a region free player one of these days. But until then, does any one know what the best region 1 releases are for the 3 Street Fighter movies (Street Fighter, Return Of The Street Fighter, Street Fighter's Last Revenge)? I would like anamorphic prints, but decent/better than VHS will do.

04-05-12, 11:41 PM
I just couldn't find any so I got the UK set a few years ago.

04-07-12, 01:47 PM
Forget R1 and just by the UK set. If you haven't already got it, the BCI Sister Street Fighter box is worthy.

Now that I know about it,I'm going to pick up that UK box.

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