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04-02-12, 02:30 AM
Hi all

I have been using Picasa for years to quickly view over 100gb of OCD-sorted photos. I say OCD because I sort my photos in folders using "YYYYMMDD - Event Name" as the naming convention. this started when I was filing my photos on a pc previously and never truly switched to the Mac filing when I switched to a MacBook.*

The main reason I want to convert to iPhoto is so I can truly enter the Mac ecosystem. I really want to AirPlay my photos from my laptop to the tv with my apple tv and sync via apple's cloud.*

My fear converting to iPhoto is that all my files will be all over the place and I wouldn't be able to manually manage the photos. *Also I know that iPhoto uses the time/date stamp for filing but for about 20% of my photos the time/date stamp is wrong... In some cases by years.*

Does anyone have any tips or lessons learned for this? *I am worried that when I create a new iPhoto library my filing will be all messed up.*

Thanks in advance!

04-02-12, 07:12 PM
You can tell iPhoto not to auto manage your library. I'm not sure what it would do If you did any editing within iPhoto. It would probably save it in its own folders but I'm not sure. Also not sure how auto importing from a digital camera would work either.

04-02-12, 07:35 PM
Well I couldn't sleep last night from having the flu. So I sat and moved about 750 photos from the PhotoVault app to my iPad (and into iPhoto). It did throw things around a bit. Oddly (least to me) I had to rotate some of the photos.

While it kept the folders I had created, the pic's were are not in the order I had them in.

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