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03-21-12, 03:18 PM
Anyone else a fan of the Oxford History of the United States series?

I've read James McPherson's Battle Cry for Freedom (on the civil war) and Gordon S. Wood's Empire of Liberty: A History of the Early Republic, 17891815. I'm skimmed thru parts of Freedom From Fear by David M. Kennedy.

Anyone read other books in the series? If so, your thoughts?

03-22-12, 11:11 PM
No replies yet...

Ok, any good scholarly history books preferably on U.S. history that anyone recommend?

Howard Zinn is staple diet. Anyone fans of Gordon S. Wood or Eric Foner? Any other historians who wrote about sweeping periods of American history?

And before anyone mentions them, Thomas DiLorenzo and Thomas E. Woods make me want to puke.

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