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03-11-12, 11:42 PM
Typing this on my phone. The past couple days I've had connectivity issues. I initially thought it was my wireless adapter that's plugged into my desktop, but I'm having trouble connecting online through my laptop, xbox360, and ps3 as well. The connection center will not recognize my network ssid but my neighbors. It'll briefly catch my network and connect to it for a few seconds and then drop it again. Again I dont think its the adapter since all of my internet friendly devices are connecting and dropping my network. Is my router fucked? Something with the cable modem?
I've done the "unplug everything for a minute and plug back in to reset the signal" trick, but that hasnt helped. Any suggestions, advice?
Again all the adapters are recognizing area connections except my own and for a brief moment connect to my network and drop it.

03-12-12, 06:05 AM
Call your provider and have them ping your modem. That will at least tell you if the problem is external to your residence.

03-12-12, 11:04 AM
I'm guessing you mean a remote reset. I did do that and it worked briefly but the same issues popped up again.

03-12-12, 11:54 AM
Suggestion: divide and conquer. Your description of the problem appears to mix wired and wireless troubleshooting. Forget about wireless for now. If necessary, disconnect the router entirely (I assume the cable modem has several Ethernet ports of its own?) and connect everything directly through the modem, one at a time if necessary. Then post your findings.

03-13-12, 10:50 AM
Unfortunately my cable modem has only one ethernet port, which is used to connect it to the router. I still had trouble when connecting directly to the modem though (individually trying out each device)

03-13-12, 02:39 PM
Unfortunately my cable modem has only one ethernet port, which is used to connect it to the router. I still had trouble when connecting directly to the modem though (individually trying out each device)

If connecting directly through the modem still fails for several devices, then I think that's as much work as you need to do. You didn't change anything on the modem yet it doesn't work properly, and neither power-cycling nor a remote reset fixes it. (Actually, the only other suggestion I have is to make sure it gets good air flow...) Leave the router out of the loop and call support one more time in case they have any last suggestions. If not, see about getting the modem swapped out. Only if there's a substantial charge involved do I think we need to troubleshoot further. Good luck!

03-13-12, 03:19 PM
I bought that modem (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000JV9LUK/ref=ox_ya_os_product) in October, it shouldn't have burned out already :(

03-14-12, 12:56 AM
Understood. Here is what else I would try...

I don't know much about cable modems, as the Comcast modems I've seen are mostly plug-and-go black boxes, unless you can get the box's password from Comcast support. Was your Motorola also plug-and-go, or was there something to set up manually?

I realize this is Tech Support 101, but there should be a way to factory reset the modem, assuming you haven't tried that already. I would also re-flash the firmware, even if it's up to date. Downloading the firmware file may be tricky if your Internet connection is on the blink, but I suspect you can work something out. If none of that helps, you could test if the modem is overheating (or suffering some kind of heat-related damage) by leaving it powered off for maybe an hour. If it runs substantially longer than from the "remote reset" you mentioned above, this could be a possibility. (But the solution would still be replacing the modem.)

When you called for support earlier, were you talking to Motorola, your ISP, or both? I would definitely call both parties, as each may have a different take. Something else: after a reset or firmware flash, the modem is typically in a virgin state, and likely receives a remote, automatic provisioning from the cable company. If you start noticing ways to reliably make the modem work, even briefly, but then it dies again, there is a chance the cable company is provisioning it wrong. This once happened to a VOIP box I was setting up. I had made a bunch of manual changes, but <20 minutes later the changes would disappear and the box would die. You probably won't want to disable provisioning (assuming that's possible), but discuss this possibility with the ISP.

There is also the chance that something's wrong with your cable line or with cable company hardware located outside your house. But if a modem reset gets it working reliably every time, even for a short time, then that's unlikely.

Hopefully something above will lead to a fix. Years ago my parents lost 2 (at the time, rather expensive) US Robotics 56K modems due to electrical surges on their phone line. I don't know what the chance is of the same occurring on the cable line, but if the modem is really dying, it wasn't necessarily from bad construction. Crap happens sometimes.

Post more if you get stuck. I'll download and have a look at the manual if necessary. Good luck!

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