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Roy Batty
03-07-12, 05:28 PM
Just discover her in "Let England Shake" and am really liking it. First new music I've paid any attention to in, well, a while. Opinions on her other records? Thanks.

03-07-12, 05:36 PM
IMO, basically all of her albums are worth owning. She's easily one of the most important musicians of the past twenty years. My personal favorites are "Rid of Me" and "Stories from the City..." but they are all really good.

Surprisingly, I didn't like "Let England Shake" nearly as much as some of her other stuff, YMObvioslyV

Roy Batty
03-07-12, 05:39 PM
Thanks for the recommendations.; I'll give them a listen.

03-07-12, 06:35 PM
You can't go wrong with anything she has done. If you like "Let England Shake" I suggest "White Chalk" which is the album that came out before it. Good stuff.

Roy Batty
03-07-12, 06:43 PM
White Chalk was the second album I bought :)

Pizza the Hutt
03-07-12, 10:17 PM
She's terrific.

03-07-12, 10:25 PM
go for Down By The Water.

03-08-12, 03:56 PM
Is This Desire?

03-08-12, 05:04 PM
Just work through her whole catalog. Each album is a totally different Polly Jean and each offers tons of rewards. Even her lesser prized albums (Uh Huh Her) have tons of quality songs. One of my favs.

The Bus
03-15-12, 06:07 AM
I respect her much more than I like her. Have just never found the desire to listen to her a lot.

03-15-12, 11:12 PM
Polly Jean is one of my favorite artists. I've been listening to her since Dry, and all of her albums have some great songs. My personal favorites would be Dry, Stories From The City, White Chalk, and Let England Shake.

07-07-12, 01:45 AM
<iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/0KTGe6_KI_U" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Can't find it, but wasnt there a segment where they watch Down by the Water, and one of them says she keeps him out by whispering, then the other starts repeating the line, and he says, "When you do it, it just sounds stupid" or something like that.

07-08-12, 03:42 PM
She's awesome.

07-08-12, 10:05 PM
I was really into P.J. Harvey way back in the day. I loved Dry, Rid of Me and what was then her current release To Bring You My Love. All of those are great. Dry and Rid of Me are more raw, and To Bring You My Love feels more polished - in a good way, though.

But then for whatever reason it was around that time that I sort of started losing track of the music scene and wasn't really pursuing new releases. So, I have not listened to anything after To Bring You My Love. But funny that this thread gets brought up when it does. I have been listening to my old mp3 player in my car lately. P.J. Harvey has been popping up on random quite a bit, and I had forgotten how much I loved her. I really need to play catch-up on her discography.

07-22-12, 01:24 AM
<iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/XckCNFXqeEI" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

one of the best female rock vocalists ever!

"The Glorious Land" is absolute gorgeous and one of the best tracks she's recently done with John Parish. But the singles were the only songs that stood out for me from Let England Shake.

Dance Hall at Louse Point, White Chalk, A Woman A Man Walked By, Let England Shake - I rank them low on my PJ Harvey list. I'm waiting for her to snap out of this Victorian Era sh!t or whatever morose phase she's in :shrug:, take a break from the autoharp, and start collaborating with her old bandmate Rob Ellis again.

Favorite album: To Bring You My Love Her love letter to Don Van Vliet - just chock full of references to Captain Beefheart:

Meet Ze Monsta -> see Tropical Hot Dog Night
Teclo -> Her Eyes Are a Blue Million Miles
Down By The Water -> Zig Zag Wanderer
I Think I'm a Mother -> Dropout Boogie

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