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02-24-12, 10:51 AM
Whether it's an inner personal struggle (my case) or a battle with friends....I find myself usually questioning "is bigger always better"...yes, I set myself up for that one on this forum as well.

I recently went from a 55" LCD projection to a brand new 47" LCD - obviously there is a difference but I can't say for sure or not yet whether I want to return it for bigger size.

The key thing here is that with my 55", the viewing was tolerable (I am MAYBE sitting 9' away) because the display was nowhere near as dynamic as my new 47" - If my new tv was 55" I think my eyes would burn out (which is another reason why I went a few sizes lower - it does mess with your eyes after a while).

I am just dumbfounded that I like a smaller size set - I mean, I think I would even prefer the 47" even if I had a bigger room.

How are you guys with this issue? Do you even care? Is there no such thing as too big a tv?

02-24-12, 05:00 PM
I'm pretty happy with my 90" at 12'. I'm firmly on the side of proper size vs proper viewing distance. I don't like turning my head to see the whole picture. There are THX or SMPTE viewing charts online that will show optimum screen size for any viewing distance.

But also, it sounds like yours is very bright. That may not be the best setting.

02-25-12, 10:40 AM
Ha - that's the problem though - it just looks too damn good to make any adjustments....really impressed with it. One thing I somewhat noticed but not in full until I went down to 47" was how much my eyes were needing to follow the screen on my 55".

I think the highest I will go in the future will be 50" - I am glad I actually did this as well as now I know not to pass up a good set just because of size.

Also - you mentioned you have a 90" and only sit 12' from it?? That doesn't bother you at all? That just seems to close to me for that size.

02-25-12, 01:25 PM
Not at all. It's well within the 30deg cone or whatever the precise number recommended by those charts is.

But making yourself happy is what is important. Some people love super wide angles where they have to turn their heads for anything, like sitting close at a commercial theater.

02-25-12, 03:02 PM
Spiky, are you using a projector to get 90" or is it a 90" TV? If it's a TV, then I think I need to set up an appointment for me to come over and see that, neighbor. I can't even fathom a TV that size.

DVD Polizei
02-25-12, 04:12 PM
I think a 55" is as large as I'll ever go. I have a 50" Panasonic Plasma and it's just right for me.

02-25-12, 05:16 PM
Projector. I'm not rich. :)

But this new one is plenty nice. We had an extensive discussion.

02-27-12, 09:49 AM
I sit 10-11 ft. away from my 61" DLP. I would like a 70"-80" screen, but didn't have enough room for it. I agree with Spiky, that your brightness setting may be wrong. Straight out of the box, I think most tvs are set to "Vivid" mode (brightest), so they look good in the stores when demoed, with all the lights. It's my understanding that if kept in Vivid mode, it shortens the life of the tv. Highly recommended you get hold of a calibration disc, and calibrate the tv. Without a calibration disc, you can go here, and find your brand and model number of tv, and try the settings they got, using a disc. Write down your settings, so you can go back to them, if you don't like their calibrated settings better. http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/forumdisplay.php?f=166
Good luck!

milo bloom
02-27-12, 11:54 AM
Not at all. It's well within the 30deg cone or whatever the precise number recommended by those charts is.

But making yourself happy is what is important. Some people love super wide angles where they have to turn their heads for anything, like sitting close at a commercial theater.

I used one of those charts to pick what size we needed, but when we were ready to buy we found one 4" inches bigger that was on sale and it would have been foolish to pass it up so we bought it and I'm glad I added those few inches.

Whenever a friend asks me about buying a TV, I always say figure out the size you want, then add 2-3 inches, and they've always come back to me saying "I'm glad you said that".

03-01-12, 04:07 PM
I sit 11' away from a 125.5" projection. My screen starts at the ceiling and goes to about 18" off the floor, just enough so that when I'm reclined, my feet are just below the screen bottom in my field of view. If I had higher ceilings, I'd make it bigger still. I couldn't imagine watching a 47" screen at that distance. Hell, I have a 59" at the end of my bed (so 7' away or so), and that is barely enough. The bigger, the better, I say!

03-01-12, 07:02 PM
Nah, my tv settings are fine - yes it's bright but like I said...it just looks to damn good - I can't watch regular tv on the vivid settings because it shows the flaws too much with the picture (in standard they look perfect though). Gaming and blu-ray on the other hand....flawless in vivid.

I have to admit....I like not having to move my eyes around to follow the picture - I love seeing the whole screen with no effort - couldn't imagine getting rid of the one I just bought only go 3" bigger either so I'll wait for this one to die first.

By the way, it's an LG and I bought it because it oushined all the other TV's in the store....the guy that was helping me said that I will notice a difference obviously going from 55 to 47 but that I would still have that 55" "feeling" - he actually even recommend a less expensive one in smaller size because of some other features (can't remember what they were off the top of my head) but I couldn't do it because I kept going back to the LG 47" I wanted to which he just said "ok, I'll go get it" :lol:

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