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02-16-12, 05:47 AM
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/DEY6xg-MFtM" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Peter and Lorna, a young Silver Lake couple, delve into the underworld of a cult that meets in the San Fernando valley. At the center of the group is an enigmatic young woman named Maggie who never leaves her basement chamber. The members follow Maggie blindly—growing her food, obsessively sanitizing the house, giving her their own blood for transfusions. But why? We follow Peter and Lorna as they smuggle hidden cameras into Maggie's basement bent on exposing her as a charlatan and freeing the members from her spell.



yes i'm aware this is a 2011 film but it's just now getting a legit release

Solid Snake
02-16-12, 08:30 AM
well that's a fucking interesting premise.

Dr Mabuse
09-22-12, 12:12 PM
This is a terrific film. I highly recommend it.

Brit Marling is a fantastic actress.

03-05-13, 04:44 PM
I watched this last night. Pretty good. It felt like there was some parts of the movie that were cut out, but I assume this was the intention in order to allow you to make your own interpretation of what you just watched.

Cellar Door
04-07-13, 03:16 PM
Just watched this and liked it a lot. Very tense at times, and a believable portrait of a cult. Pretty minimalistic, but they make it work and it feels very real. The ending is somewhat abrupt, but it gives you a lot to chew on. Apparently the makers of this film envision a trilogy, but there are no sequels in the works as of now.

I agree that Brit Marling is fantastic. I saw Another Earth several months ago and was completely mesmerized by her in that. She was also a co-writer on both films. The lead male actor in The Sound of My Voice is very good, too.

04-08-13, 12:04 AM
Loved this film. One of my favorite films that I saw last year.

07-17-13, 12:59 AM
This is on HBOGO right now. I liked it, but I was expecting a bit more to happen during the course of the movie. Overall, pretty good. Lots of unanswered questions. Hopefully the plans for a trilogy mentioned above pan out.

07-17-13, 08:45 AM
The movie was very well made, but it made the ending a bit unsatisfying - it felt like it ended at the end of the 2nd act. I also really enjoyed it.

Brit Marling has a lot of potential, I hope she keeps it up.

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