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View Full Version : Problem with blu-ray player, or maybe HDMI?

02-12-12, 08:35 AM
Last night I'm watching Just Go With It simply because of Brooklyn Decker and Jennifer Anniston in rockin bikinis. I noticed these strange blue shadows around the faces. At first I thought it was poor makeup, but I saw this before as a rental and didn't notice it last time. They were there on every face. Not horrible but bad enough to notice and naturally that's all i could see after that. I chalked it up to a crappy disc.

Later I'm watching Generation Kill and start getting some strange green shadows around the heads and necks of the characters. I didn't try the HD player but I did watch DISH and no shadows. Anyone ever encounter anything like this. Can the player be going bad? Can it be a bad HDMI? What do you think, what should I try?

02-13-12, 07:04 PM
That sounds like a contrast issue. Is the Lighter/Darker black level setting correct in your player? Or the specific blue and green contrast settings in the TV?

I wouldn't think an HDMI cable would cause that, if it was on the brink of not working you'd likely see dropouts either of the whole pic or sparkling pinpoints of light.

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