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02-10-12, 10:01 AM
I have a Cablevision HD DVR and a Onkyo/PS3 reciever/player setup. The DVR connects to the reciever via HDMI as does the PS3. Recently I have been having problems with the signal from the DVR to the reciever being lost. It drops out for a second and comes back up. I replaced the DVR, the HDMI cables and tried different HDMI ports on the reciever and it still happens. Cablevision replaced all the cables and connectors from the pole to the DVR. The PS3, either playing DVDs, Blu Rays or streaming from Netflix never has this problem. The problem is between the DVR and the reciever as after it happens I can rewind to that point and it will play fine. Other than replacing the reciever is there anything else I can try?


The Man with the Golden Doujinshi
02-10-12, 10:46 AM
Did they check signal strength? If it was low enough, you can get dropout.

02-10-12, 12:23 PM
Did they check signal strength? If it was low enough, you can get dropout.

Yes, the ss was pretty much optimal. It seems to point to the reciever but there is no problem with the PS3. It actually started with only a few channels but now affects all channels and even playback from the dvr.

02-10-12, 02:03 PM
Like you said, since you can rewind and see the part that dropped out, it shows that the signal is good to the DVR. Have you tried bypassing the receiver and going straight from the cablebox to the TV?

02-12-12, 04:36 AM
Try the audio using the TV speakers and see if you get dropouts then. Are you getting just audio dropouts or is the video affected as well? If you get both audio / video dropouts then your signal is weak (which is not uncommon for cablevision).

02-12-12, 09:11 AM
Both video and audio drop out. Also the signal is very good. The cablevision tech replaced all the cables and connectors frfom the pole to the DVR and he showed me the levels. Yesterday there were no drop outs at all. If it starts happening today I will bypass the reciever and go direct to the tv. It's definitely between the DVR and the reciever as I can rewind when it happens and it will be ok. If it stops after I move it direct to the tv it would have to be some problem in the way my reciever is getting the signal from the DVR, a Onkyo TX-SR606. It's just weird how intermitent it is. I think it does have some signal aspect to it but if it does go away with a direct connect to the tv why is there no problem with the PS3?

02-20-12, 07:59 AM
Did you fix this problem yet? Before I switched to FIOS I had Cablevision and switched to FIOS for the same problem you have... a shitty signal. I had a tech come here multiple times to improve the signal and I would keep getting drop outs. Cablevision does not have the smartest people working for them, so even if they tell you that your signal is good they are probably wrong.
Try connecting your cable box directly to the TV using component cables then see if you have dropouts.

02-20-12, 12:23 PM
It seems to be a problem with my HDMI inputs on the reciever. The one where I have the PS3 connected works fine for both the PS3 and the DVR. The others have dropouts from the DVR and no signal at all from the PS3. Wierd.

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