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02-08-12, 02:32 AM
these are nz prices

south park volume 14 $2
national lampoon's Christmas vacation $1
jeff dunham's christmas special $2
beavis and butt-head do America $0.90
super size me $0.80

and fall out boy blu-ray $1.50

02-08-12, 07:24 AM
Getting the Big Love Complete Series for $24 earlier this year was probably my biggest bargain ever.

02-08-12, 07:41 AM
Getting four of the five Star Trek Series (The only one I didn't get was the Original Series) for 100 Bucks at a Garage Sale this past September! :D

02-08-12, 07:59 AM
After looking endlessly for OOP The Odyssey (Armand Assante) and only finding it for sale by scalpers at Ebay & Amazon Marketplace for $50 - $150, I finally found a used but still serviceable copy of it at FYE for $3.42...:thumbsup: -kd5-

02-08-12, 10:50 AM
Either finding a copy of the Criterion Youth of the Beast disc at a Barnes and Noble for $5, or picking up a used copy of Zodiac on blu-ray for $4 at a Blockbuster.

milo bloom
02-08-12, 10:53 AM
I was missing about a third of the Star Trek TOS single disc releases when I came across some at a used shop, they're were like $4 each or so, and when the guy saw how many I was buying, he cut the price even more.

I'd have to go through my DVDAf collection to pick out more because I almost always buy used, so I've been getting deals since I got into this hobby. Though lately, I've been finding even better deals since I've started finding DVDs at stores like Goodwill and Salvation Army (edit: flansered just reminded me, I found the Criterion La Strada at Goodwill for $3.99 not too long ago).

02-08-12, 11:01 AM
The one that pops into my mind immediately is the Silent Night Deadly Night double feature on ebay for $5 w/ free shipping... for some reason it slipped through the cracks and I was the only bidder. As for finds in the wild I'd have to think a bit harder.

02-08-12, 11:23 AM
30 Rock S3 - NEW
Office S2, S3 - used
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy - complete
Midsomer Murders: Set Eight
Midsomer Murders - a lot of individual discs in Excellent condition
Norther Exposure 1/2,4,5
Victor Borge Classic Collection - NEW
Curb Your Enthusiasm S3, S6 - used

These all came from a thrift store I used to frequent. They have since gotten smart and have raised their prices. It is no longer the goldmine it was and bargains are few and far between. I did recently get Ken Burns - the War - brand new and sealed, but I had to fork over $8 and Bringing Up Baby 2D SE for $4. Still a good deal, but a few months ago, I would have gotten these for a buck!

Recently I was in a Goodwill store and I must have gotten there when they restocked the shelves with about 15 Disney animated features (and a bootleg of the complete series of the Herculoids -- which I was most excited to get). They were all marked 1.99. When I got to the register, I asked if they would give me a discount if I bought a lot and the cashier called the manager, who said I could have them for .99 if I bought more than 5. I doubt he would have agreed if he knew what I was getting.

02-08-12, 04:05 PM
Off the top of my head...

The Entity (1982): $3.95
Final Exam (1981): $7.95
Last House On Dead End Street (1977): $12.95 *New/Sealed*
Santa Sangre (1990): $9.95 (Used/Region 2)
The Machinist (2004): $1.95 (Used/Japanese HD-DVD)

02-08-12, 04:11 PM
One purchase immediately comes to mind as my best.

It was September 2005, I remember it clearly. I found a little DVD shop in lower Manhattan. Of course I went over to the wrestling section. The FIRST DVD I pick up is a new and sealed copy of WWF Unforgiven 2001.

Why is this awesome? Because as many know, when the WWF lost their case to the OTHER WWF, they renamed to WWE and immediately pulled any WWF DVD in circulation, which was around way back in June/July 2002.

Anywhere I went, the oldest WWE DVD I could find was King of the Ring 2002, the first WWE PPV (I did spot WWF No Way Out 2002, from from February, once sometime in '04, but at the time and now, I really didn't care).

So to see a WWF DVD from that far back...and of a ppv I didn't own...and a damn good ppv if you check out the card...new and sealed...was amazing.

And, by the way, in addition to finding a WWF PPV DVD that I didn't own and would have wanted to own new and sealed, it was also five bucks.

02-08-12, 04:16 PM
I just recently got Defenders Of The Earth complete series volume 1 at Walgreens for 6 dollars. Another one would have to be the complete series of Beastmaster that was recalled and was going for over 100 dollars. I got it for 30.

02-08-12, 04:30 PM
Ah, the older release of Final Exam (1981) used for $5 at a local shop. Watched it, hated it, sold it for $40+ the next day.

02-08-12, 05:02 PM
Getting the Big Love Complete Series for $24 earlier this year was probably my biggest bargain ever.

Abso fu*#ing lutely. Could not agree more!:D

02-08-12, 07:32 PM
Well, one of the best deals for me was more the finding of it as I had no idea it existed. It was a version of Canterville Ghost that I had been looking for for a long time and had no idea that it had been released. I found it at a garage sale for 1.00. I think it's only about 15 or so right now, but I doubt I would have realized that it had been out unless I came across it that way.

I had another great deal this summer. Bought 4 Smithsonian DVDs for under $1.50 -total- brand new, sealed. Nothing too exciting, but still a great deal!

02-08-12, 08:32 PM
Too many to mention.

02-09-12, 11:24 AM
The best DVD bargain I've ever got has to be the Gladiator Three-Disc Extended Edition for $5.00 at Dollar General a few years ago.

02-09-12, 01:02 PM
Got Virgin Among the Living Dead the other day for 6 bucks. Saw that it was 30+ new on Amazon.

Too bad the movie sucks sucks sucks.

Not being willing to buy used the best I normally do is finding something "OOP" pretty cheap elsewhere.

02-09-12, 02:55 PM
The Incredible Hulk - The Complete Series (6 full seasons!) from Amazon for only $28.99.

02-09-12, 03:27 PM
Got Point Break at best Buy for $4.99 a few years ago.

02-10-12, 09:22 AM

Columbia House $27.99

02-10-12, 09:38 AM
Practically everyone at the local flea markets have their prices down between $1-2. So I've picked up quite a few bargains.

Goodwill has them at $1.50. One time I went in and someone had brought in an entire horror movie collection. I bought about 30 of them.

02-10-12, 04:36 PM
Hmm, with FYE's and independents closing by the dozens, I should really start frequenting flea markets...

I get lots of bargains at Big Lots and other closeout stores, and sometimes just by shopping around. Last summer I found a used copy of "Don't Look Now" at an FYE for $6.99. Just before Christmas, I got one of the last "Ed Wood Box" sets (Image Entertainment) from walmart.com at retail. The Amazon Marketplace prices today are out of sight!

02-10-12, 04:42 PM
From the thread title: "best dvd you have brought at bargain prices"

Generally, I don't bring them and pay. I pay and take them from the store.

My smartass-edness aside, I gotta go with both the Big Love complete series set for $25, and the complete Tales from the Crypt series for $12 + $5 shipping. Both were brought to my attention through the bargains forum. Gotta love it.

02-10-12, 05:59 PM

Columbia House $27.99

Haha. Got that. Flipped a bunch of them for 100 bucks. Same with the Big Love set.

02-10-12, 06:42 PM
DVD- She-ra all three sets (the good sets), and New Adventures of He-man both sets, for $5 a piece brand new after they were out of print. Was at some weird shop in a Michigan mall.

Blu- All three Star Trek OS sets $14.99 each at Best Buy.

Perkinsun Dzees
02-11-12, 10:50 AM
Joey Season 1 - $6

02-11-12, 11:04 AM
Joey Season 1 - $6

since 2003, that is all you can come up with? ;)

02-13-12, 02:46 PM
American Psycho dvd - $3.50 new

02-13-12, 03:20 PM
The Criterion BBS Story Blu-ray. I found it in a local used bookstore for $4.99!

02-15-12, 03:59 PM
all these dvd where $2.30NZD Free Shipping :)

Note Simpsons Season 20 Was $14NZD


02-15-12, 08:27 PM
I also remember getting 'The West Wing' CS a few years back @ Amazon for $65.00 new, on a promotion-

02-15-12, 09:41 PM
It may not sound like a deal, but I got the Alfred Hitchcock Critierion Collection box set (now OOP) for 68 bucks several years ago.

02-17-12, 11:33 PM
It may not sound like a deal, but I got the Alfred Hitchcock Critierion Collection box set (now OOP) for 68 bucks several years ago.

its not to bad of a deal for that long ago

02-18-12, 12:01 AM

Years ago : Brand New & Sealed $11.99 on Amazon


Years ago : Brand New & Sealed $27.99 at Borders

02-18-12, 01:25 AM
The Criterion BBS Story Blu-ray. I found it in a local used bookstore for $4.99!Okay, you win! -eek-

Mine was probably Doctor Who Series 2, which I found for $8 at a flea market. Discs were mint and it had only been out a year or so at the time.

02-20-12, 04:34 PM
just brought band new Buffy the vampire slayer season 1 for $0.75 and season 1 of Starsky & Hutch and for $1 got casino royale and family guy north pole dvd for $0.90 because they had 75% off all yellow clearance sticker dvd/cds

guy who worked there told me to come back tomorrow about 12pm when he starts working as some more dvd with be 75% off

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