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01-20-12, 12:43 PM
I read Ian Jane's DVD review of Captain Power-Complete Series at http://www.dvdtalk.com/reviews/52734/captain-power-complete-series/?___rd=1 and (bucking the Facebook trend)...

The review states the set has 22 episodes, but then lists 24 episode titles. I haven't bought my copy yet, but am very curious who at Landmark Entertainment or Music Video Distributors screwed up. The Room and The Rose of Yesterday were not part of the original broadcast (I was in high school at the time and still have my VHS tapes), and common wisdom suggests they never made it past script stage. Room was axed supposedly because the Biodread Empire tactic it showed for rounding up humans cut too close to a Nazi tactic for rounding up Jews, and Rose supposedly because it relied heavily on Sven-Ole Thorsen ("Tank"), whose English was not so good back then. Room likely morphed into the still very good Straczynski-penned Mirror In Darkness.

I had a Compuserve account the year the show ran, and where Straczynski himself would post show updates and chat with fans. Sadly, my archive (on floppy disk) from back then largely didn't survive. Obviously I can't argue with comments made by the show's production staff, but my recollection is that it ended, not due to thematic content issues or poor ratings, but from cost issues and a grass roots campaign against the show's interactivity gimmick, lead by 70's peace activist Jerry Rubin. This could have even been the first protest against "video game" violence.

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