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01-10-12, 03:07 PM
I wanted to stream my MP3s from my desktop to my BOSE Soundlink (http://www.bose.com/controller?url=/shop_online/digital_music_systems/bluetooth_speakers/soundlink_wireless_speaker/index_new.jsp) that I just got for Xmas. Would something like this (http://www.meritline.com/mini-type-wireless-bluetooth-usb-adapter-class-1-bluetooth-v-2---p-26876.aspx) be all that I need for additional hardware?

01-10-12, 03:30 PM
Yeah, that should work fine. Although you may want to find one that ships locally; unless you're based in Asia.

01-11-12, 05:57 AM
Thanks Noonan...I just ordered a couple of the bluetooth adapters.

01-19-12, 01:32 PM
Received the USB dongle and it paired within seconds with the BOSE Soundlink...just wanted to pass along if there is anyone else in the same situation.

04-25-12, 01:16 PM
Hello, I am also trying to connect my Soundlink to a PC with a bluetooth dongle. Took several tries for the PC to find the Soundlink. Once found, the PC says no Bose Soundlink driver is present.

Did you have any similar issues with connecting yours?

Thanks in advance.

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